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Thread: Raw Potatoes?

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    Raw Potatoes?

    Keva just stole and ate a bit more than half of a large raw potato (not peeled). It was a "butter" potato (darker yellow color inside). I seem to remember that raw potatoes are bad for dogs...anyone know? If they are, what should I watch out for? Thanks

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    Wish I had a more concise answer for you but I don't recall ever having encountered this particular question at work. I know that cooked and peeled potatoes are sometimes recommended for a bland diet with sick dogs.

    From what little I found on a quick Google search is that eyes, and green parts of a potato are a definate no no. Best I can tell is that the white part of a raw potato is indigestable and may cause an upset tummy with vomiting and diarrhea.

    You might want to make a quick phone call to your local vet, or ER vet (if yours is closed), and just see what the experts have to say about it for sure. they should be able to answer that without having to see the dog and let you know what to watch for.

    I hope your dog doesn't get sick and things come out just fine from this little food stealing episode.

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    My vet explained it to me when my dog got sick after I gave him potatoes(cooked). If you mash the potato, the dog will probably do okay with it. But when he eats chunks they take too long to break down in the stomach and it ferments causing the dog to vomit. Reason...potatoes are used to make Gin, so whole chunks are hard to digest. As for chewing a raw potato I've never had a dog get sick like this, probably cause they grind it. I often put raw potatoes in the raw bveggies but I always juice them first.
    This was just the advice my vet gave me, con't know if all dogs are the same.

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    We used to give our dogs the peels of the potatoes or other times they would just run off with the entire thing, too. We never noticed them acting strange or not feeling well so we just continued to do it. Then, we heard that potatoes were not good for them. My dogs love them, but if your dog is getting sick, I would stop right away.

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