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Thread: Can gerbils catch colds?

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    Can gerbils catch colds?

    I have a question, can gerbils catch colds from humans? I just got over one then i related him not moving much to his weight but now it seems that he had a cold.

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    Explain his symptoms better, please.
    I'm not too experienced with Gerbils, so I'll relate it to rats. They are fairly similar, afterall. I haven't heard of rats catching the typical strains of the cold from humans, but they can catch a few other strains of bacterial illnesses. Still, take precautions and in further cases of handling your gerbil while you are sick and be very sanitary (wash your hands & such). However, since rats can get pneumonia, I'm sure Gerbils can. Along with URIs. Both can appear like the rodent has a "cold".
    Either way, I'm sure you expected us all to say this, but I advise you take him to a vet.
    Good luck.

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    I very much expected it. He has gotten over it, he was sneezing and kinda not active but now hes better. It only lasted for a few days. He had all the typical symptoms of human colds, sneezing, aching (symbolized by his squeaks), etc.

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