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Thread: Mobile, but expressed, boy kitty, Houston

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    Mobile, but expressed, boy kitty, Houston


    Seven is a white cat with blue-grey patches. He was living the street life in northwest Houston and then he found a mom and her kids who lived in an apartment. He liked them, they liked him, and all should have been well. But, the mom wouldn't let Seven inside. She fed him, but outside he stayed. One day, he disappeared. When he finally drug himself back to her door, he had terribly infected wounds and burns on his skin.

    Seven had been hit by a car. He was apparently unable to move well at first, because the burns were actually irritation caused by his skin being soaked in urine.

    The lady took Seven to Animal Medical Center and surrendered him. Many people have made donations for him, and Seven is doing much better. His wounds were cleaned, he was neutered while under anaesthesia to have his tail amputated (due to the damage from trauma), he is FIV negative and he's been vaccinated.

    The reason the vet staff can confirm his 100% sweetness quotient is that they have to express Seven's bladder and his bowels and one of the techs has been bathing him regularly. The vet believes that Seven may regain some nerve sensation and so know when he needs to eliminate. However, at this time, he can't do that himself.

    Seven needs a special home. He is an incredibly loving cat who has been through so much. If the vet cannot find him a great home, they will have no choice but to put him to sleep. Please, please pass this on. I don't have any pictures of Seven, but I can try to get them for you. Or, you may call the vet at

    Seven is an adult cat, not old, and could have a very long life ahead of him. People who have cats with these issues say it's easier, because there is no cat box. The cat goes on a schedule, it's not hard to do and Seven doesn't mind being managed in this way.

    Please let me know ASAP if you have anyone interested in this boy!
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    Prayers that Seven finds the perfect furever home soon.

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