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Thread: need advice on dwarf hamsters..

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    need advice on dwarf hamsters..

    since we lost our little Jasmine.. i was wondering if it would be ok to put the other two back to gether in the original cage them came in?

    here is the story.. when we first got all of them in a 30 gal tank, they all played together nicely, then, i believe it was Jasmine who picked on Snow white, so we separated them and put snow white in her own cage.. now, that Jasmine is gone, would it be ok to put them back in the same cage they came in or not? the reason i ask, is because when they are together they play alot and chase one another all over the cage. now they are separated they, sleep, ( which i know is normal)..

    so, please help what do i do???
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    I wouldn't do it with my own animals, but maybe try it on neutral ground with constant supervision.
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    If you really want to. First I would keep their cages very close by and then try introducing them on neutral ground if they get along then try in their regular playplace and if maybe after 3-4 weeks of good behaviour you could try moving them into the 30 gallon and just keep constant watch for awhile.

    Also for the cage if you do get this far then make sure you have atleast two wheels, 3-4 beds/hidey places, a large enough food dish for both of them to sit in it and eat together, maybe 2 water bottles. Basically so they will not fight over stuff.

    Good Luck!

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