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Thread: Zero to 100 miles an hour in.......

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    Zero to 100 miles an hour in.......

    Choc F1 car goes on show

    A life-size chocolate model of a Ferrari Formula 1 car has been unveiled in Italy.

    Confectioners spent more than a year making the car out of 4,405lbs of Belgian chocolate.

    It has now been delivered to Sorrento, near Naples, where it will be the centrepiece of a Ferrari owners club party.

    Luigi Liberti, president of the Scuderia Ferrari Club Napoli, said: "It will go on display until the weekend and then will be smashed up with hammers and handed out to party guests - they will be given bits of the car to take home in a special bag."

    The 12,000 chocolate Ferrari is based on an F2008, and has a red, edible coating.

    Liberti added: "The project started one year ago, just for fun, but then the Club Pasticceri Italiani started to get really enthusiastic and eventually it became a life-sized model.

    "They started melting the chocolate in 2007, at first copying a small-scale model of the Ferrari F2008, then getting the full scale model done using chocolate imported especially from Belgium."

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    sweet! now i know what i want for my next birthday.

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    Oh oh oh! 4,405 lbs of chocolate? How do I get an invitation to that party?

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