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Thread: Totally random question

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    Totally random question

    I have been watching TV talk shows while getting dressed for work and notice a LOT of the ones about "who's my baby's daddy?" and "I've got a secret lover" show women taking their shoes off when confronting the guy. They make a show if removing their shoes. WHAT does this mean? Its got to have some significance!

    Thank you for answering this very important question

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    My guess is they're taking their shoes off so the can make a quick get away. I don't make it a habit of watching those shows, but the ones I've seen seem to always have people running off stage.
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    Maybe so if they attack the man, they wont topple over in their high heels?

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    Maybe their feet stink so much they are hoping the odor hurts the confessor?

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    I've seen them used as weapons, as in throwing them.

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    So nobody really knows for sure? Hmmm... I was thinking perhaps it had a cultural message.... like when gangs use colors or hand signals to mean something we non-gang people wouldn't understand. It is ethnic people who do this (I'm not racist, just reporting the facts)

    The cameras show the shoes sitting on the floor, even zoomed in on them a few times. So I figured it HAD to have a significance outside of being able to charge after the bum without twisting their ankle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catnapper
    It is ethnic people who do this (I'm not racist, just reporting the facts)
    Slovenians????? That explains it...all Slovenian women take off their shoes before confronting a cheating man.

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    well....i am of eastern european heritage..polish and jewish mix, and i once, along time ago in college years threw my winter boots (northern michigan snows of the mid-late 70's) at a break in guy, got his shoulder(lucky shot), the jocks across the hall tackled him. campus security arrived shortly after those waffle stompers had to have hurt. ....just thought i'd share my shoe/boot story...
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