Sometimes, I really think my cat is smarter than me. Oh who am I kidding, he probably is. Lately, he is finding new ways, and going to great lenghts mind you, to annoy me. For instance, we just bought a new shower curtain. His obsession with water is rather obstructing my morning ritual. He has already ripped the curtain because he likes to remind me that privacy in this house is non existent. He'll sit on the edge of the bathtub and stare at me. Sometimes, he'll sit between the two shower curtains, batting at my every movement and as I watch his shadow bounce up and down I try to focus on my 5 minutes I'm really in a hurry gotta leave now shower, instead of him. Most of the time however, that doesn't work. I get out of the shower and dry myself off, head into the room and shut the door. He paws at the door obsessively, waiting for me to open it just long enough for him to race in, steal a bag of cat treats and run into the living room to hide under the recliner. He makes it a habit to steal treats while I'm not home, and then leave the empty packages on the floor in several pieces for me to pick up when I return.

After I find the hidden treasures, I place them up high in the kitchen cabinet and proceed to the bathroom to finish getting ready and brush my teeth. He follows close behind, and waits for me to turn on the water. I place the toothpaste on my toothbrush and turn to place my brush under the faucet to wet it, but am rather alarmed when I am greeted by a giant black and white cat face instead of fresh flowing water. I "shush" him off the counter and proceed with my morning brushing, finish getting dressed and am just about to head out the door to work when..."MEOW!!!" Crap, I fogot to clean the cat box. I run into the bathroom and there he sits, next to the cat box with gloomy eyes as if me forgetting to clean it just this once will be the end of his existence. I scoop out every little bit of poop and head out the door, pat his little head and smile to myself, knowing that my cat is happy.

I love my cat.