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Thread: Just one Pirate pic

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    Quote Originally Posted by anna_66
    She looks absolutely wonderful, so much happier

    She is such a beauty!
    You're the one sure thing I've found so you better stick around...
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    Just goes to show what a little Glacier love and care can do. Thank you for making the rest of Pirate's life worthwhile.
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    One word...amazing. That picture is just stunning.

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    She looks like a wolf, minus the collar. Great to see her healthy and happy!

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    Pirate is a lovely lady. That first photo, in the snow, is so beautiful.

    Now, don't you feel good, looking at the 'before' and 'now' views? You have made a difference in her life, touched her to the core. Now she knows what is it like to be loved. Such a wonderful thing!

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    She looks wonderful, you can tell by her posture that she feels alive again! Her husky heart must be happy to be part of a pack. Plus it sounds like she's got herself a new boyfriend - Bandit! Sounds like the ol' boy has taken a liking to this lovely huskette.

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    Wow, she looks amazing! All she needed was you tender, loving care. The picture is so beautiful!

    Thank you Kay for the beautiful sig!

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    Awe... I just want to give her a big soft hug, and a kiss, and tell her I'm so happy she has a forever home now that will love her like no other will.

    Bless you for taking her in. She looks wonderful!
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    Glacier, how is Pirate's "tummy trouble"? I hope it's gone! [(hug)25]=hugs for everybody who will accept one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cassiesmom
    Glacier, how is Pirate's "tummy trouble"?
    It's gone. The fast and then a slow reintroduction of her new kibble fixed things right up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Poop
    Just goes to show what a little Glacier love and care can do. Thank you for making the rest of Pirate's life worthwhile.

    Amen to that

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    My heart just sings reading this thread. Pirate - you are such a lovely lady.

    (glove collection !!!)

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    Pirate looks wonderful in that first picture - as Bengalz said: graceful and dignified.

    I'm so glad she gets to spend her old age with you!

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    Pirate, you are such a lucky girl have such a great mom come to your rescue! You look so much better when your new mom first got you and I bet you feel lots better too. Great job Glacier, in providing a senior a great home for her last days.

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    The difference between the before & after pictures of Pirate are just
    amazing. What a difference love & care can make.
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