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Thread: Pics from the last month

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    Pics from the last month

    Hey all, since I was gone over the last month, I thought I would post some pics of Noba and Sadie that were taken... enjoy.

    First Snow of the year where we were at:


    Noba became obsessed with the "cat tent" and got his head stuck in it, it was the funniest thing...

    Noba being a "thug"... my hubby thought he would be funny...

    And one of my beautiful Sadie Girl:

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    Noba is all grown up. Very cute. And I agree, Sadie is a very pretty girl.

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    Such cuties! The pic of Noba as a thug is to funny!
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    I love that first pic. So pretty. And Noba thug. What an expression on that face! Something tells me Noba is a very silly dog, judging from those pics. Sadie really is a beautiful girl.

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    Noba and Sadie look so cute together. I love Noba as a thug lol.

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    I love the pictures of Noba with his head stuck in the cat tent!
    If it's not for them... they enjoy it much better don't they??
    Sadie is such a cutie pie!
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