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Thread: Indoor fun...

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    Indoor fun...

    So.... it is really cold here. -35C, -48C with the windchill. Obviously that means the dog park has been put on hold for

    So what do you do with 3 dogs to keep them busy? I dug out an old toy the shelties hadn't seen in years, and Ramone has never seen.

    It didn't take the shelties long to remember what to do... and it sure didn't take Ramone long to figure it out either. There aren't any pics of Emily because she doesn't like the camera indoors (hates the flash) and wouldn't go near the dispenser if I was holding the camera.

    First up is Clipse (please excuse his poor grooming..... ops: ops: ops: he's on my list I swear)

    So what do I do with this.... I just put my paw here....

    ...and push down...

    Ah yes that's it... yummy...

    Wonder if I can do it with my other paw....

    Yep that way works too...

    A video of Clipse getting his own treats...

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Now for Ramone's turn...

    Gee what's that mom?

    I know this is where the food comes out. Maybe if I slobber it up the food will slide right out.

    Thanks for making the food come out mom...

    Now how did you do that?

    Okay I tried to give you five but I hit this handle thingy... then food came out. (I was holding my hand under the handle and asking him to give me five to help him figure it out)

    Maybe if I just lay here and look pathetic mom will make more food come out

    That didn't work. Maybe if I lay on this side...

    I know! I will intimidate it with my most intense rottweiler stare! Give me food!

    Flea, do you know how to get the food out?

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Okay... lemme think... I know it has something to do with my paw....

    Why is mom asking me for a high five but holding her hand up where I can't reach it? Oh well I'll humor her....

    Oh I get it!! I pushed the handle down!! Yummy!!! Food!!!

    I got it now.

    And here are two videos of Ramone.

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Way to go Ramone!! You're a smart boy!

    Eclipse sure made it look easy didn't he!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    That is so cute. That out to keep them busy for a bit anyway. Love the intense Rottie stare hoping the food will just magically appear, to cute.
    ~Traci, Duke, Champ, Chopper and Ryleigh

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    LOL! That was a good laugh, Ramone, thank you!
    I think Zoee would love one of those toys. Were did you get it, do you remember?
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    Your dogs are very cute! And it is a great indoor activity. However, my dog would eat the entire amount if I let him. I love the gumball machine. Here's my video (I added music when I made the movie).
    Bailey's Treat Machine at You Tube
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    OMGosh, how cute. I can't watch any videos at work, but the pics are precious. Clipse, you are not only stunningly handsome, but also smart (oooh, ginger and I want to snatch you). Ramone, sweetie, the lying on the floor looking pathetic would have worked on me, buddy.

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    That is SOO cute!!! Ramone, you deserve a big fat smooch on the muzzle! That was hard work!

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    That is so cool! Poor Ramone.. haha

    Where did you get that toy?

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    Slobbering, looking pathetic and staring intensely ... hilarious!

    Quote Originally Posted by gardengirl
    However, my dog would eat the entire amount if I let him. [/URL]
    LOL, a couple of mine would sit there compulsively pushing the handle until one of two things happened: they either wore their paw down to a bloody stump, or their stomach exploded. (I'm thinking of Aspen and Georgie here, my oh-so-special, none-too-bright puppers.)
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    Awwwww, cute! I love the intense Rottie Stare! Yay, Clipse and Ramone for figuring it out and getting to munch on the prize!
    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
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    I got one of those... from Target... a long time ago. I might go hunting for it now! C:

    Mony is such a smarty-pants!

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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    where did you get that

    too cute

    your babiez are bootful

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