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Thread: Well, what are you going to do with your rebate?

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    Well, what are you going to do with your rebate?

    There is so much talk about the government rebate and a good deal of criticism.

    What are you going to do with your rebate? Do you think it will kick-start the economy?

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    Well, if I were getting one (which I am not), I would use it to get Jasper a Road Hound pet carrier for the back of my motorcycle.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    You know it was all over the news up here yesterday. I wonder if our government is listening. ha!

    Has it actually been passed by the White House yet?? Sorry, have not listened to the news yet today. Last I heard only Congress passed it.
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    I don't normally get a rebate, not sure if this change (once it passes) will give me one. I don't believe in paying in MORE than I owe and having the govt earn the interest on MY money. If I am going to be lending, I want interest on the LOAN!

    So I always work it out so that I have a small balance due (under $150).

    However, should I get one, it is already spent; on pet stuff.

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    Well ... I should put it in savings, but -- I'm thinking of buying one of those pet stroller contraptions for Cassie. I'm going to need a high-definition compatible TV, too. I plan to give away part of it.
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    I always overpay because I don't want to get to February and be like, "SURPRISE! You owe a ton of money!", because I'd rather get money back than have to pay hundreds, or thousands.


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    Well, I have no shortage of places to send the money, but I'll wait to
    see if this happens at all. As to the economy, no, it will not help at all.

    The economy needs major surgery. The last 8 yrs with "conserative"
    repubicans calling the shots, our economy & status as a nation has suffered
    severe hits.
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    Mine, IF I get one will go in savings... Unless the Lord has other plans...

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    I heard on the news this am that May is the month where the checks should be mailed out. It is hard for me to imagine how approximately $1800 (two adults, two kids) could turn someone's life around, let alone spark a change in the economy.

    "Free" money is "free" money, and I wouldn't turn it down. But, I am holding my breath about the upswing of the economy.

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    Since I'm on disability and don't work any more, or make enough to even file income tax, I'll probably not get one.

    Now if they want to make sure the money goes back into the economy, they should give it to the poorer people. They would spend it for sure: to survive.
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    I think it is silly to think that handing out money will help the conomy enough to turn it around, with so many Americans in so much debt - and whose money is it? It's our tax dollars in the first place. They would just be taking from us to give it to us. All political hoooey, in my humble opinion. It's not like they are giving us money from some huge government surplus, instead the government itself is in record deficit territory. Do they think we're all dumb enough to forget that?

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    I already told hubby that I want to use it to get our furrballs up to date on their white coat visits....not telling them that quite yet though....

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    momoffuzzyfaces: Supposedly the rebate will be available even for people who do not earn enough to file an income tax form. If that is true, you should be able to get one.

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    Since I just got in a car accident, I'm going to have a big whole in my saving account that needs to be patched. In other words, no frivilous spending for me. I think it's going to take a long time for them to get the checks out, not good. I won't get much either since I'm a worthless single college grad with no children. I expect with all this goings on I'll probably lose out as compared to my normal rebate.
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    "Free" money is "free" money, and I wouldn't turn it down. But, I am holding my breath about the upswing of the economy.
    I'm with you, Johanna.

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