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Thread: Dogs need rescuing from rescue shelter ... WOW

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    Dogs need rescuing from rescue shelter ... WOW

    I almost adopted a puppy from this rescue (Sixth Day) 2 years ago, but the puppy was adopted literally minutes before I got there (that is when I ended up getting Buck). I have talked to this lady (Forrest) a few times, she was very nice, but I still remember being shocked when she told me she had 60+ dogs at her house that she was caring for. Kay and Amy, if you're reading this, do you remember when we went to Petco and held those little black puppies? This is the same rescue!

    Thomas County dogs need rescuing from rescue shelter
    Boston -- A shocking find in Thomas County has the Thomasville Humane Society and Animal Control outraged. More than 30 dogs were seized from 3888 old Quitman Road in Boston, Georgia.

    The address is listed as Sixth Day Animal Rescue Incorporated, a non-profit organization.

    When Animal Control officers responded to a concerned citizen's call, they didn't expect to find this.

    "They were forced in wet, mud, urine and feces. You wouldn't put your worst enemy in the conditions that we found there," said Thomas County and Thomasville Humane Society Executive Director, Carol Jones.

    "If I had to estimate that the pins had ever been cleaned in their lifetime I don't think that they ever had," said the veterinarian on call, Beckey Malphus.

    This was especially shocking coming from an animal rescue site. Forrest Massey is the president and co-founder of that Sixth Day Animal Rescue Inc.

    "She had a license as a rescuer in Georgia. The criteria that she had to go by was the same as a shelter," said Jones.

    "This being a rescue person is suppose to be rescuing animals out of that situation; these were rescued into a worse situation than probably they came out of," said Malphus.

    Sixth day Animal Rescue is suppose to be a 100 percent kill-free shelter, but conditions there were so bad that one of the dogs was found dead.

    Now the rest of the surviving dogs will receive medical treatment. 'We brought in 32 dogs total, and we expect another 20 to be surrendered to us," said Jones.

    "Some of them do have some skin issues and skin conditions, that's probably from the extremely poor environment. There are some that are in thin condition," said Malphus.

    But most importantly they will need homes. "There is a few Jack Russells, Chihuahua mixes, Terrier breeds. Most all of them seem pretty friendly and are desperate for a home," said Malphus.

    After several attempts, Forrest Massey couldn't be reached for comment. Authorities say she is cooperating and charges have not been filed against her. The state is also investigating.

    The Thomasville, Thomas County Humane Society is now filled to capacity. Anyone interested in adopting one of these dogs can begin to contact them on Tuesday. That number is 229- 228-0613.

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    So sad ...

    This type of situation is very sad. First, for the rescues that work so hard to help animals and are continually faced with having to say NO a great deal due to lack of space, lack of resources, lack of money. For many people, saying no is so difficult that they end up biting off more than they can chew. That is how these hoarding situations happen and every time we hear about these rescuers who have taken on more than they can handle, it makes the rest of us suffer as well.

    Second, how sad for the animals to have to live without proper care. Living with disease, in filthy conditions, underfed, and undersocialized, is not worth it (IMHO).

    This is why I have such great respect for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. They are the truest of no-kill organizations, but even they are limited in who and how many they can help, but you can guarantee that every animal they take in is given everything medically and socially it needs to be happy.

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    That is just horrible. This makes it easier for the public to treat their animals bad. I mean if a licensed "rescue" could do it what is going to stop other people think that it okay to let these animals live in those conditions. I am so upset over this. I work hard everyday to save even one dog/cat and people like this make my work very hard! This is why the animal abuse will never stop. UGH! I am so livid now!

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    Yikes, I wonder if the person who fancied herself an animal rescuer is really someone who has a problem with animal hoarding. This is just awful.
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    Yes I do remember those puppies. How sad, I hope the animals will be able to find good homes. There was a similar situation with a rescue near me a while ago.

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    Prayers for all those sweet dogs, that they get healing and find good furever homes.

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    The vast majority of people who get themselves into situations like this are hoarders. Hoarding is a real mental health issue.

    Working with human societies, rescues and animal controls over the years, I have met a few of these people. I've been to their homes, confiscated their animals, talked with them. I can tell you, without fail, a hoarder sees the world through a different, skewed lens than you and I do.

    They honestly and truly think they are helping. They truly love animals. They really think they are helping, saving, doing good. As incredibly difficult as it is for us to see these poor animals in these conditions, it is also impossible not to feel for the hoarder herself. She is truly doing the best she can, given her mental/emotional limitations, and she really thinks these animals would be worse off without her. It's a terribly sad situation for both the person and the animals.
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    soooo mad!

    I met Forrest and really liked her. Even considered her a friend. So much I could say, but I won't. I can say that hoarding and love of money seem to be on the mark about her and the rescue. Very disappointing. She was a really nice woman.... or so I thought. Doing what she did to these poor animals was disgusting.

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