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Thread: A Stinky butt question....

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    A Stinky butt question....

    OK, I know this has been discussed before, but I'm wondering if I can bring it up again.

    Malone has a verrrrry stinky butt, and lately its really bad (anal glands). We have tried giving him 2 heaping tablespoons of pumpkin in his food at every meal, but we didn't really notice a difference. We have expressed them, but that doesn't seem to make a difference either.

    In fact, it is so bad that he has even learned a new command -- "No Fart Art!!!" = "go in your house!" He will get right up and run to his crate at the other end of the house and lick his butt there. haha

    Anyway, please can you give me some suggestions on what might prevent this from happening. Should I talk to the vet about it? Its happening at least 1-2 times per day.

    I wanted to add two thoughts that I have had....first, because it has been so cold out in the mornings (negative degrees) he has a hard time pooping even with booties on because his feet get so cold. So sometimes he holds it, and I think that after he holds it for a half day (I take him out when it warms midday) but that night the anal glad secretions are worse. Also, I opened a new package of treats and they are Snausages instead of the normal cookies; and I am wondering if they make it worse?

    Sorry so long, and thanks for any input!!

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    I am no expert, but my first thought was, what goes in must come out. It may be what he is eating. It may be the way his body is processing the food. I know that Ginger's excretions change when I change her diet, and it is something that I look at and think about when I decide on what to feed her. Right now she is on a mixture of Evo (what I want her to have) and Merrick (what she would like to have), I think it is working out for us, but it took a while to come to an agreement.

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    For one thing, stop feeding the snausages. Those things are so full of preservatives, dyes and junk. They could be causing the problem, but even if they aren't snausages aren't good treats.

    Second, do have your vet check out the rear end. We just recently had a dog come in with infected anal glands full of pus. Things like that are only going to go away with vet treatment.

    Good luck and hope the smelly butt problems clears up soon.

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    Riley's have been bad since she was a puppy. We had hers removed last year because they were really bothering her.. she pretty much needed them expressed every week and it didn't really help. I would talk to your vet about it.
    Riley's Dogster page

    Thanks Ashely!

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    if I remember correctly when I gave my greyhound Snausages she STUNK up to high heaven!
    good luck!
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