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Thread: Recovering Parvo Pup

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    Recovering Parvo Pup

    Our beautiful boy Jake is now seemingly back to his normal self and eating us out of house and home. He had Parvo after a Parvo test showed neg. initially. We have him on canned Pedigree Puppy food along with cooked chicken. Along with his food we give him a slice of bread and cheese once in awhile and add Nutra Cal supplement to his food at each feeding. He is growing so fast right now that he just cannot seem to fill up. He is skinny and his ribs show even after he eats. WE feed him three to four times a day. He is aggressive to other dogs if they come near his food bowl even when it is empty. He went nine days on IV and without any food at all. I understand why he is aggressive and we managed to show him he had nothing to fear from his human family where his food is concerned. For a day or so, he would go after my hubby and grandchild about his bowl, but not me. I am looking for a way to help him to gain some weight. Jake still gets sick if the meal is to heavy or he eats to much at one time. Other than being skinny, he is back to normal. Plays like crazy, bites ankles like a shark, and annoys the other dogs to no end. He is my constant shadow. If anyone can suggest a way to put some weight on him, I would greatly appreciate the info. He has been wormed so that is not an issue. I have tried adding the dry puppy food, but he is still unable to hold it down. Primarily, because he bolts it. We love the little shark, and want to see him grow to his full potential. He is a mixed breed with some lab and I suspect hound of some sort. Thanks in advance for any info you can share.

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    Instead of giving the puppy his food in a bowl, spread it out on a cookie sheet or something flat so he can't "wolf" it down. It will take him longer to eat and hopefully stay down better. Along with that, I guess I would suggest dividing his food up into smaller meals and feeding him more often so he can't eat so much that he gets sick. Good Luck!

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    The cookie sheet idea Diana mentioned is a great idea or something like this:

    Puppy food is the highest is calories so getting him to eat it and keep it down is going to be the best way for him to put weight on.

    Are you able to hand feed him? If so try that too!
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    Treat dispensers like a Buster Cube can also slow him down, keep him amused and give him bits to eat as he wishes.
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