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Thread: How can I tell if it is an UTI?

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    How can I tell if it is an UTI?

    Hi, I have a 10 month old kitten who has never had any problems peeing in the litterbox until a couple months ago. Anyways, it started out as every once in awhile he'd pee on stuff like the sink, coats, and just random places, then it increased, it was every where that was convenient, the smell is horrid, my kitten doesn't seem like he is in any pain, or sick at all. He has gotten more vocal but it seems like its only when he is hungry. How can I tell if it is a UTI? Im suspecting it is.


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    Is he neutered?

    If not, as a tomcat he will pee in different places and it will STINK.

    If he is, could be a UTI.

    In either case, a trip to the vet is called for.
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    Thank you, I think I will do that first thing Monday and find out for sure. The vet said all he needed was a pee sample and he wouldn't charge me a vet visit if I just brought in the sample myself.


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