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Thread: Tiger's Home!!! VIDEO OF TIGER ADDED

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    Aw, such a sweetheart. Love the fluffy tail and big eyes. I'm so glad he's doing well and even playing. Good job!

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    Tiger looks great and I hope that you'll be able to find a way to give him these supplements without stressing him out too much.

    I have a membership to a newsletter called "Catnip" and there's a new product called Cat Caps. They are empty geletin capsules that are available in beef and chicken flavors. It says that the smell of this meaty coating should mask the smell of any type of medicine and hopefully reduce your cat's objection to taking pills.

    The gel caps are made of pharmaceutical-grade bovine raw materials. They are kosher-certified and inspected. The amount it can hold depends on the density of the pill, but unfortunately, liquid medicines will dissolve the capsules so you'd have to use the pill form of this supplement.

    A minimum order of 1000 capsules costs $20.95 (including shipping) from the manufacturer. To obtain more information about Cat Caps, please contact the Capsuline at 866-536-2277 or visit it's website

    Hopefully the pill pockets will do the trick. Good luck.
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    Thanks again everybody for all the nice comments about Tiger. And Jenn, I meant to say a few days ago that I hope your Dad's tumors will not return now that he has undergone the more radical surgery.

    Krazyaboutkatz, I'm really interested in trying these beef capsules and will check it out. I wonder if they'd be willing to send a single one as a sample so I could see if he would even eat it. I'd hate to get 1,000 of them when he might not like them but then again, 20.00 isn't that much and I could always use them for other meds for my other cats. I'll let you know if I go that route and if it works. Thanks again!

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