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Thread: Cincy Has Dialated Cardiomyopathy -Update 2/16/08

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    Cincy Has Dialated Cardiomyopathy -Update 2/16/08

    Or in more simple terms, an enlarged heart.

    A few days last week Cincy was coughing a bit, and even though she was trying to make herself sick, she would never empty her stomach, but just cough up flem. So we called the vet and they wanted to see her.

    After listening to her heart and lungs, the vet didn't hear anything, but wanted to do an X-ray to be sure everything was okay. Lucky he did! The heart is suppose to take up an area, roughly 3 rib widths apart, whereas Cincy's is about 3 3/4. Her heart is also sitting lower then normal, so it is putting some pressue on the diaphram.

    The good news is we caught it early. Reading online, dogs often aren't diagnosed with DCM until they expereince symptoms of heart failure, making the prognosis realtively grim. Cincy situation is better and that is what I keep telling myself.

    What happens with DCM, is that the heart walls thin out and the heart expands. As the chambers stretch, the valves can no longer completely close, and the dog develops a heart murmer. As the blood is pushed less and less effectively through the body, they develop pulmonary edema, and other issues.

    Since the vert did not hear anything in her heart (no murmur), and her lungs are mostly clear, it seems we caught this very early. What happens now depends mostly on Cincy's reaction to medication.

    She is now on two drugs, a diuretic to help her body remove excess fluids, and and ACE-inhibitor, which will help her blood flow better. At the this point, the vet feels there is no need to limit her activity. She will go back to the vet in a month to see how she is reacting, and if the size of her heart has decreased. At this time, he will mostly likely start her on a third medicine (which I did not write down the name of). Our vet has been using this course of treatment for about 4 years now (although the third drug was just recently approved by the FDA, God love Canada!), with good success.

    So, for now we are parying and waiting. Of course, Cincy hasn't changed a bit. She is her usual, active, tennis ball chasing self. She had a blast playing in the snow today, and all three dogs, helped me walk the Chrismas Cards to the mailbox yesterday. As with every health challenge she has faced in her 6 short years, she is the postive carefree puppy she has always been!

    Please keep our baby girl in your prayers.
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    On absolutely ,I will keep Cincy in my prayers. I hope Cincy stays
    her happy, carefree self for many more years to come.
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    Thoughts and prayers are going out from Florida for Cincy and all the family. I hope she's going to be okay. Thank goodness you caught it so early.

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Prayers for Cincy and hugs to all of you!

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    oh yeah prayers for cincy, and you all
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    Oh Cincy! I'm so glad you guys caught it early!

    The beautiful girl will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

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    Many prayers coming...

    I am so glad your vet caught this so early. What are the medicines the vet prescribed? Max takes a medication because the vet heard a heart murmur. Since he's been on it, his health has improved dramatically and no more murmur.

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    So glad you caught it early, and that she is on medication to help make her alllllllllll better.

    {{{gentle hugs}}}} to Cincy - kisses darlin
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    <picks up Prayer Line> <dials God>

    Hi God ~

    Gots anudder VIP Request fur Miz Cincy - our Findlay Buddie ~~~
    Her pump is gettin too big - White Coat sez dat's a problemo!

    Mom Amy, Daddy Ralph, anna GranFolks are all wurried - as is mosta Pet Talk.
    Treatment has started, so we figger da Purrayers otta start, too.

    We'll be burnin da Purrayer Kandilz inna winder 24/7; and added Cincy onna Purrayer Kard.
    Expect ta hear a lil ReMynder inna evening Purrayers.

    Paleeze help Cincy respond to da Meds - that'll be a nice *fix*.
    Let us know if You need any more support frumma Cheering Section.

    Oh, and God, kan You send sum {{{God'sHugs}}} down fur Amy & Ralph -
    that'll help 'em to feel better.

    THANKS, God!
    /s/ the Prayer Pups
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

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    I've been waiting for this thread since I got your email.

    If she's on a diuretic is she going to have to have outies more than normal?
    kisses to the sweet girl.
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    I'm sorry to hear this but I'm glad that it was caught early. I hope that the meds will help her and that she'll be able to live a long happy and healthy life. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are being sent her way.
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    I'm very sorry to hear this. I will keep Cincy in my thoughts. I'm glad you caught it early.

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    Thanks everybody. It is always in the back of my mind now, but seeing her be so well, Cincy, makes it a little easier to realize there is no sense in worrying too much. She is going to live life to the fullest for as long as she can!

    Robin- she is on Furosemide and Enalapril right now. I'm glad to hear Max is doing well and the meds have helped him!

    Staci- The diruetic will make her more thirsty, and need more trips outside. Ralph is off work now until the 2nd of January, so we will get some feel of how much more. Once he goes back to work, I will most lkiely start going home for lunch, so she shouldn't have to hold it for more then 4 hours at a time. Most likely we will keep all the dogs in the kitchen so that if she does have an accident there is no carpet, but more room for her to not have to lay in it, like in a kennel. If those plans don't work, then we will look at diapers, or other plans. Over the weekend I didn't notice too many more trips outside, so I think we will be okay.

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    Poor Cincy girl! So glad you guys caught it early. *hugs* and prayers that the meds help.
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    Amy, as I told you last night we all are worried about Cincy. But she has had other problems and come out fine with them. You once said that you are glad you picked her from the litter because someone else may not have taken good enough care or noticed some of her problems early enough. You and Ralph are the best "Parents" she could have. She is a fighter so I have no doubt she will come through this fine too and live a long happy life.

    And if you find she has to go out too much while you two are at work, we can keep her during the week - what's one more dog in a nine dog household? She can just join Snoopy in his frequent trips out - Christy won't mind at all having another dog around!

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