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Thread: PT Rules!!!

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    PT Rules!!!

    Well, at least, PT PETS rule, he hee.

    Our local library held the annual pet photo contest again. This year it was in October and the hope was that at least SOME of the pets would be in costume.

    I entered the kitties in the past; back when I had just 5 pets(was there ever such a time?! ) Sparkle, Vita, Chestnut and Dazzle have all won in one catagory or another. I don't enter each year, however. A few adults do enter, but it is more for the children to enter their pets and to vote. Yes, adults do vote as well; but there again, the whole thing is really geared to the children.

    The 2 librarians in my branch know me and the pets quite well. Sparkle has been in to visit the Children's Story hour quite a few times! And the dogs and I walked up to visit during the nice weather months. One librarian has 4 cats; the other has a miniature poodle and a bichon; so as you can see, we have little in common.

    This year was so hectic, I wasn't going to enter the photo contest. Well, the notice went up and the poster board and then . . . nothing happened! After 3 weeks, the board was STILL empty! One of the librarians called and asked, could I PLEASE help get things started??? I had just asked Michelle (kittycats delight) for help making me a new siggy, so I had pictures on the computer. I printed out eight (of my 12 pets) and took those up. No costumes or anything, but it was something I could do quickly.

    Once one person starts, then everyone gets into the swing of it! And the costumes were terrific!

    Then at Halloween, I was in getting some books and I took a moment to cast my votes.

    Today, was the Awards Ceremony. I had received a phone call last week asking if I could attend, and who would I bring? I took all 4 dogs; Dad came along to help. Walking 4 dogs in the neighborhood is one thing; but handling them in a room with other pets, well, I figured I would need help.

    There were 27 photo entries; and over 110 voting slips.

    Cutest Cat: 1st place - Crystal; 3rd place - Chestnut!
    Cutest Dog: 2d place - Sugar; 3rd place - Marlin
    Best name: 1st place - Ozzy; 3rd place - Lacey
    Scariest: 2d place - Bobby: 3rd place - Cuddles (I'm not sure how these 2 came out scary, but that is what the children voted!)

    Obviously, we didn't place in the costume categories, he hee.

    Prizes include the ribbon, food bowls and a treat for first place, treats for 2d and 3rd place. Then we had Christmas sugar cookies and warm cider. One cat came and although his owner kept him in his carrier, he was quite calm and willing to let the children pet him through the door. In addition to my 4 dogs there were 5 other dogs present. (The one bird who entered couldn't attend, although the owner was present.) The children were all over the dogs! That is why I spent this morning giving 4 doggies their baths!

    PT pets just have a winning look about them!

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    Well Done!

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    Look at that haul!!!
    Well done to the Freedom family!

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    YAY YAY YAY!!!! You guys are awesome!! That is indeed very very very impressive!!

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Aren't those little dishes the cutest things? I bought that green one myself to use as a *guest dog dish* for a little dog who sometimes stays with us.

    Good work on helping make this project such a success. Just think how much fun it was for the children to vote. Congratulations to all your winners. How can anyone resist those sweet faces?
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    *Claps* Woo! Woo! Job well done...but then again..what you said!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Woot Woo!!! Fantastic job!!!

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    Wow! A sweep!

    Talk about Going For The Gold!

    Congratulations, Freedom Family!

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    He he hee it was a "bit" embarrassing! Good thing I had plastic bags in my pocket to carry it all home. Being a doggie mom, I ALWAYS have bags in my pockets. Thanks for all the nice compliments!

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