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Thread: Dog Peeing in House

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    Dog Peeing in House

    I have a Silky Terrier that will be 2 on January 1. He is neutered. He has always had a problem with peeing the house - yet, I can't figure out why. He has no medical condition that causes it. We've checked.

    At night, he sleeps in a crate and has never had an accident in it. So I know he can go a number of hours without a problem. As soon as we awaken, we let him and our older second dog out. The same process is followed when we leave and return home. When we are home, we let them both out about every three hours.

    Unfortunately, we never catch him doing it so we can't scold him. We always come across the spot later on, usually when it's dried up. It's almost like he hides it or something. He does this usually on our carpeting (4 different rooms, not just one) and sometimes on the linoleum kitchen floor. A few days ago we have started confining him to the kitchen. If we are watching tv in the evening we allow him in the living room, but only if a family member keeps him on their lap. We've tried this before, and he's gone a week or so without an accident, but as soon as he's allowed house roaming, it starts over again.

    I talked to a dog trainer who pretty much said it's the dog and that's that, although, he did not see or interact with the dog.

    Does anyone have anything we can try with him?

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    Your answer is contained in your post. You must prevent the dog from leaving the room where you are when he is not crated.

    You can do this by using baby gates, or by tethering the dog to your waist with a leash.

    In this way you prevent the dog ANY opportunity to urinate without your knowing it.

    At the same time, strengthen the dog's interest in outdoor elimination by going with him each time, and rewarding him with a very tasty treat, and plenty of verbal and physical praise. At the time time you are going with him out side, you can train him to urinate on a verbal command. Decide what you wish to use as a command to urinate, and say this in a pleasant tone of voice while the dog is urinating, or just as you see him lift his leg. (I say "go pee pee" to my dogs). If you do this each time the dog is about to urinate, and then food reward him as soon as he is done urinating, he will quickly learn that to urinate when you ask him to gets him a cookie. Very handy when traveling or in the rain, etc. At the same time he is learning it is valuable to him to urinate outdoors.

    I would plan to keep this dog from ANY unsupervised house roaming, and to reward outdoor elimination as often as you can, for at least 6 months before you try him for any free time in the house at all.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, I will give them a try.

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    I have 3 suggestions:

    1. Here is a GREAT site with TONS of information. Please don't be turned off that it is a site for bichons; most of the essays apply for ALL dogs!

    Scroll down watching the middle column. You will see "Puppy Information." Under that, there are some essays on house training which may help you.

    2. Until you get things under control, please consider a belly band (for males) or a bikini (for females). These will help save your carpets, sofa, and sanity! You put in a Poise pad and dispose of when used. I will give you a link for one place which sells belly bands and bikinis, just so you can see what they look like and get an idea of price. This link, as you scroll down there are different prices for different ones.

    You can also find them at Pet Edge ( Less money; no photo to see how it will look ON.

    And the link in #1 above also has a market palce where they sell belly bands.

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