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Thread: Small dogs in cold weather

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    Small dogs in cold weather

    Here are some photos of small dogs when the weather turns cold. Today was a high of 31, but the wind chill made it feel like 26.

    Staying indoors is the best idea.

    But then Mom got "the wardrobe bag" out. Sugar is the only one who was here last winter, so she got excited and the tail started wagging.

    Foster dog Ozzy was the first to get a harness and parka put on. (About a week ago, six month old Chaplin started "walking the dogs in the house. ) The parka has a hole for the leash to go through to the harness underneath.

    Next, foster dog Marlin put on a jacket. His harness goes over the top.

    Stand by, more coming!
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    Sugar got to wear the gingerbread girl outfit. I thas a bell on the bow. And Mom found a hair barrett which goes SO well!

    Then Lacey got the go go girl outfit. Mom found a hair barrett for that outfit as well!

    You may recall Lacey is my tomboy. Well, her hair barrett came out twice before we got out the door, and four MORE times before we reached the end of the driveway! It went into my pocket after that; I was getting cold! Her "dress" was lopsided for the entire half hour walk. Sugar's hair barrett came out when we were almost back; she had to shake a little bit.

    Wait! A few more photos, next post!

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    After the walk, I sent Dad in for the camera. I figured they were tuckered now and would pose a bit better. Silly mom.

    I hope you enjoyed; I may NEVER get all 4 "dressed" at the same time ever again. It was QUITE the challenge!

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    Oh my gosh!! They are so cute!! I just love the little coats. I wish Zoee needed to wear a coat, but she already has two and we live in California.
    Oh, this past weekend in Tahoe my mom and I went in a little pet boutique and there was a greyhound wearing a fur coat and booties. He was so cute!
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    Very smart!

    Lacey, see it doesn't kill to be a bit ladylike does it?!

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    They look so cute!! All of them are adorable. Mom really knows how to dress them for the weather. It sounds like it's pretty chilly there, Sandie. I can't wait to finally use my jacket here. Will it ever happen?

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    They all look so cute. A miniature dog team & all you need is a sled.
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    OMGosh. I just love all the little winter clothes!! They look marvelous. Love the hair bows too.
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    They are all just too cute & just a wittle spoiled.. Do they even know they are {dont say outloud} dogs??

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    Very cute. I did enjoy the individual fashion show, but I must admit my favorite pictures are the group shots. They just look so darn cute all standing there together, dressed in their winter finest.

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    Awwww, Sandie, they are so cute and colorful together!
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    Sandra, how adorable! Four little white fuzzies all decked out for the cold weather! TOO CUTE!!!! I'm going to have to buy AnnaBelle a winter coat now for some cold weather walks outside!!!
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    Too cute!

    Bella caught me looking at this thread and looked at me like "don't even think about it lady".

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    How cute! Sydney has a ton of different coats but she HATES wearing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvpets2002
    They are all just too cute & just a wittle spoiled.. Do they even know they are {dont say outloud} dogs??
    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

    No, they definitely do NOT know they are (shh, whisper) dogs! Sometimes they think they are cats! He hee.

    Don't cha know, after I spent all that time getting them ready to go, I had to undress and run into the bathroom before we could leave on that walk. I've only taken 2 at a time since.

    Lizbud, they would really enjoy a sled - they would be the first ones IN it!

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