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Thread: female dog bleeding from tit.

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    female dog bleeding from tit.

    Shadow is a 13 year old female sharpei mix. She has a clear blood fluid (similar to popping a pimple) coming from her top left front tit. She was spayed late. A couple years ago she had a lump removed from another tit. She currently has a lump on her rectum and another on her belly. She has been to the vet about a month ago to have them checked. I was instructed to watch for growth. Is the blood associated with with these lumps or is this a new medical condition? The blood is not coming from the tit near the lump.


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    Any blood coming from somewhere that it's not supposed to (dog in heat etc) should be looked at by a vet promptly.

    Discharge around a nipple or lumps in reproductive areas can be serious and need to be looked at.

    Good luck, let us know what the vet says about it.

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    Did the Vet do a needle biopsy on the two other lumps? If not, it needs be done when the discharge is examined.

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    I suggest at least giving your vet a call as blood should never appear oddly as in humans either. Always contact a vet for pro advise like this, do not let it go long...

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    AZ but my dog is Taiwanese
    thanks for your help. It is a tough month for money, but I will take Shadow to the vet ASAP.
    Thanks again!

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    Yikes... she still has this going on after a month. Hope you can get her to the vet soon. What is the vet care like over in Taiwan? As good as you had in the states and canada?
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