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Thread: Betty the crow

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    Betty the crow

       Betty the crow has shown scientists that crows are smarter than many people think. From USA TODAY, Crows exceed expected intelligence levels. From AP via, Tool-making crow impresses scientists.

       The respected journal Science has the original research paper. You have to register to read their story. However, you may view the quicktime movie without registering. In the movie you can see Betty trying to use a straight wire. After many tries she bends the wire.

       (Miss Hoppy is very afraid of crows.)


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    *grins* That's too neat... I always admired crows and ravens, so this makes me really happy that they are finally getting the exposure they deserve!

    I do remember reading about another kind of bird though, that sits on trees and spikes insects in small holes with a thorn from a cactus or whatever... I don't know what they are called in English though...

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    I read the article in the newspaper this morning! Wow!! I'm impressed!!
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    That was an interesting article, crows are such silly creatures.

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