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Thread: Liberty's famous cat, Bogie

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    Liberty's famous cat, Bogie

    from an email

    Channel 41, the NBC affiliate in Kansas City, will be doing a feature story on Bogie, the cat who casually strolls The Liberty Square. I don't know the air date, but expect it to be within the next couple of weeks.

    I know Bogie. He's a big black mixed breed with a really deep, distinctive voice. When I was talking to Angie Borgedalen, the editor of The Liberty Tribune, yesterday about Benoit's [the man who grilled the kitten] indictment, Bogie hopped onto her lap and started meowing to me through her phone. I think he knows why I was calling Angie. Anyway, a link to Bogie's story is:

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    That is a sweet story...... but I am wondering... if Bogie is so famous why wont anyone take him in and give him a happy forever home? Or did I miss something and he has an owner? Nice shot of his rump though as the camera man is following him

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