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Thread: Bettas together and living Peacefully

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    Bettas together and living Peacefully

    Wow, so I don't know if anyone has ever done this before. But okay for awhile I've have my betta named Aurora in my big 55 gallon, and he absolutely just loves the huge tank. And I had another betta in a small tank. I noticed the other day that he was getting depressed and just not eating as much as he used to. So I thought...a huge 55 gallon tank, with lots of seperate areas to claim as your own..just maybe they'd be able to live in it together. So I put him in and watched of course for awhole day. And to my great surprise, they are living in it without fighting!

    Once and awhile there were a few occassions where they met face to face and just flared their gills a little. But they never went after each other. And now its been way over a day and they are even going to the top and eating by each other without caring. Its amazing and awesome! I think they can do it because of how much space they have in the tank.

    Please I hope no one bashes me or anything, but I tried it and so far its working brilliantly and they aren't fighting or trying to pick fights. They are just both living happily in there.

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    I'm really sorry but one day you will end up with hurt/dead betta or two. I would suggest that you keep the other male out and just get him a buddy in another bowl/tank to flare at if you think he needs company. I just don't want to see them get hurt. It might not be today or tomorrow it could be next week or even next month.
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    I'm afraid Christmas Hamster is correct. That's why they call them Siamese Fighting Fish.

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    Christmas Hamster is 100% correct.No matter how big the tank and how well they seem to get along.They will fight and both could end up hurt and/or died.Only female bettas can live together and even they will sometimes have fights.But alot of people on the betta forum I visit have great female comminty tanks.If I remember correctly Christmas Hamster is one of them.
    If you think your other betta is mopey maybe you could put a mirror by his tank for a few mins.each day and let him have fun flaring or get him a new plant or decoration.
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    I also have a one male/multiple females community tank (Betta's really love to be in a big tank with lots of space!) and that works out great, although there is a lot of struggle between the girls...

    I never have tried two males together but I don't think I will try. Maybe it's possible that you can divide the tank in two with a divider of some kind? That will still leave them with lots of space...don't think flaring all the day of getting stressed because there's another betta will help with the life-span either...
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    My friend has 2 male betta's living together,

    They have been living together for like a year & a half now, they seem ok.

    They are in a huge tank with a few golsfish, they do flare up but never fight.

    I geuss you are taking a chance so maybe it is best to keep them apart.

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