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Thread: Garlic for Dogs?

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    Garlic for Dogs?

    Is it okay for dogs to eat garlic? What I've been reading seems to be conflicting, some say adding garlic to the dog's meals helps to repel fleas, some quality dog food also contains garlic in the ingredients, while other stuff I've been reading says garlic is toxic for dogs. So which is it?

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    Mine get a clove or 2 daily they LOVE it! Never had any problems with garlic, onions aren't too great though, although Goof loves baked onions.
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    You know what, i give Nena Garlic as well. I have heard is not bad for them but in the other hand i read some veggies can be toxic for dogs. When i drop veggies on the floor Nena will scoop them up right away and eat them. Nothing happend to her at all.
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    My mom used to give the GSD's garlic pills in their food.
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    I believe it all has to do with amount and the way it is given. If I remember correctly you have a very small dog, so I would only give a very small amount if you think it is necessary. I do understand your confusion though, in the 1990's everyone was toting garlic pills for dogs, then a few years ago I read that it is toxic to dogs and should not be given. But I believe I read somewhere that the caution was put out so that people did not give their dogs food that were seasoned with garlic.

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    Garlic (in reasonable amounts) can be very helpful with aiding in flea prevention. You will notice a lot of food companies actually put garlic in dog food.

    On occasion I sprinkle a bit of garlic powder on my dogs raw meals.

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    Hmmmm, dogs with garlic breath!!!
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    My three love garlic...When I'm feeding kibble I always sprinkle a bit of garlic powder over it.

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    In exorbitant amounts, garlic and onions can cause anemia. In small amounts, people say that it repels fleas. Your choice

    I don't feed it regularly, but if we have some left over, I'll toss in a clove or two. I haven't seen any proof with fleas, but to each his/her own.

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    I didn't see any proof with fleas either when I gave ours garlic capsules for a time and they didn't get ill either but somebody I know said that their rotties got sick when fed a bit of garlic for flea prevention. I think some dogs are ok with it and others not.

    I know onions are supposed to be more toxic to dogs than garlic in any form, raw or cooked so you'd have to be more careful with those.
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    A little garlic or garlic powder on kibble will entice a dog to eat. As long as it's just a little, it shouldn't hurt them. I fed mine a touch of garlic for several years and they show no adverse affects. Grapes & raisins, on the other hand, can be toxic even in small amounts for some dogs (but not all).

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