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Thread: Inexpensive Protein Sources

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    Inexpensive Protein Sources

    Hi there - a friend of mine is diabetic and has peripheral artery disease as well.

    She is on a medical disability from the provincial government, which helps - but she has been reacting to the meds that she takes first thing in the morning with breakfast.

    Her breakfasts are small...1/2 c yogurt, piece of toast, oatmeal and a bit of the meds don't have much of a buffer. Does anyone here have an idea for inexpensive foods that could up her protein at breakfast? Greasy is not good - but anything else would be great.

    Thank you!
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    Can she do one microwave egg? Break egg into a cup, scramble it with a fork, and microwave for 3 minutes. (Depends on microwave, start with 2, work up to 2.5 and then 3 for the first egg of two.)

    What about canned fish? Kippers, one can could be for 2 days.

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    I get most of my protein from baked beans as I don't eat meat.

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    Tofu! It will taste like whatver you cook or mix it with, and you can get it n different textures as well.

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    lentils, chickpeas, canellini beans are great sources of protien for pennies.
    eggs (poached or hard boiled would be healthier)
    turkey and chicken are somewhat inexpensive (she can bake it)

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    I was going to suggest tofu too!

    One of my young relatives is diabetic and she really loves MorningStar vegetarian bacon. It tastes like real bacon, but less greasy. Apparently it is also very low in carbs so she can eat it between meals! (There are only a few foods she can do this with). It only has 2 grams protein per serving, but it's a good non-greasy breakfast food.

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    What about morning tofu shakes???

    You take some soft tofu, yogurt, berries or other fruit in season, maybe a dash of honey....throw all of this into a blender and whirl it up. It's fast and a very good source of protein.
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    Almonds or walnuts. They're wonderful snacks, filling, and healthy. Walnuts have high omega fatty acids, too, which is just wonderful.

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    2nd on the eggs. I bought a nifty microwave omelet maker. Just takes two eggs and makes wonderful fat-free omelets.

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    Peanut butter on the toast. Peanut butter is high in protien and usually given as choice to help raise blood sugar for diabetics.
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