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Thread: Send good thoughts my way please...

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    Send good thoughts my way please...

    I just got off the phone with my sweet DH (I'm at work) and I found out he has to have a procedure done on Tuesday at the hospital... it's a scary procedure, with a possible damaging outcome... not to get into too much detail... but the dr's are possibly talking the "c" word... ... we're both young, 29 and he's 30 and I don't think I am emotionally stable enough to handle anything bad with him... please send good thoughts our way... thanks!

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    Ooo....I am so sorry. Sending you good thoughts and prayers that it is nothing serious!!

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    I'm so sorry to hear this. I sure hope that everything goes well. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are being sent his way. Please take care.
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    Don't worry, your love for each other will give you the strength you need. I will keep you in my positive thoughts and prayers for a good outcome from the scary test.
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    I am sending positive vibes your way.

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    Good thoughts and prayers for you...

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