Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm from Michigan.

I have a dog named Finnigan (13 yo German Shepherd mixed with Norwegian Elkhound) and a cat named Casey (10 yo black American shorthair). I stumbled on this forum because I was trying to find others with similar experiences with their cats in terms of them seeing spirits. My cat often stares at things as if watching things move around the room that aren't there. I recently lost my grandmother (buried her on Monday) and my cat tonight was looking around the room again. I have lost other important people in my life and wonder if he can see them. When he is "staring" at whatever he is staring at, I can't seem to get his attention for anything! Eventually, he snaps out of it and goes along his way, but during those times, it is so freaky....

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and jump in the forums....have a nice evening!