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    Does anyone elses' kitties like television? I was waiting for "The McLaughllin Group" to come on PBS last Sunday, and the Teletubbies were on. I had forgotten that when Dille was a kitten, she would go bat-s*** crazy over that program, and here it is 4 years later and nothing has changed!

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    My Yodie Yodie loves TV, especially basketball games and Animal Planet. I swear to you, when a commercial comes on, she takes a potty break or a snack break, then runs back upstairs and plunks herself down in front of the TV again. Next time she does it, I'll post a pic. It's adorable to watch! And Creamsicle likes to watch and swat at the crawl at the bottom of the screen on the news channels.

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    Our Ralph Syracuse(RIP)was particularly fond of watching Pope Benedict on TV!! He had the title of OPW(Offical Papal Watcher)!!!!
    Nine is Fine!!

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