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Thread: A gentle rant

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    A gentle rant

    So I went to K-mart yesterday because I needed a couple of those big plastic Rubbermaid tubs. They're in the home section, which is right next to the "seasonal" area. They have a big display of Halloween costumes and decorations - guess what else? Christmas trees. Honest, cross my heart. Half a dozen Christmas trees plugged in and lighted. We're talking October first. I couldn't believe it. It was still eighty degrees outside yesterday and there are Christmas trees on display?! I still have a few birthdays, a couple of anniversaries, and a baby shower - plus Thanksgiving - before I can even start to think about Christmas. It just makes me mad. I can only do one holiday at a time and I object to the stores trying to get me to Christmas before the leaves start to turn.
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    Its been christmas time at costco for a month!
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    I object too!
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    Now what you mean its still eighty degrees there.. I will take that.. Its still only 95 degreess here.. Yes I hear what you are saying.. The Retailer's objective is the longer the Holiday Stuff is out the more that they will sell.. I am sure its the Vendors push onto them as well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by caseysmom
    Its been christmas time at costco for a month!
    Here in Ohio as well.

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    Oh cmon I am just now getting the kids and the Boyz ready for Samhain...........sheeeeeeeesh
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    Quite a few stores here broke out the Christmas decor THE WEEK BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED. UGH.

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    Trust me they wouldn't put it out if it didn't sell. We have half the customers asking for it in July and the others griping it's too early. Stores wouldn't "waste" valuable selling space on stuff that isn't selling.
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    Money money money money!

    That's what Christmas is all about!

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    Our Walmart started with the big blow up type Christmas yard ornaments even before they put out the Halloween stuff.

    I love Christmas but liked it better when it came AFTER Thanksgiving. That was lots of the fun when I was a kid, waiting until the stores got all decorated up. Now the holidays just never go away! sigh
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    I get so tired of it, too, that by the time December arrives it feels like Christmas should be over already. I get really sad, too, that Thanksgiving is swept aside b/c of Christmas. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday of the year. I like to start thinking about Christmas the day after Thanksgiving!!!

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    we had to take all our christmas stuff out last week because we open the folder we recieved for this weeks sale, and guess what? this weeks our christmas sale. we just finnished putting out our bloody halloween, and we find our our CHRISTMAS sale is before our Halloween sale! I read an artical in the paper that said the early christmas has something to do with the economy, couldnt tell ya what the economy has to do with chrismas before halloween though lol
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    I hate that too. I like to think of Christmas during the winter, but honestly it's not even close to cold here yet! It was 75 degrees today! Brr...

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    I object too. It seems every year they put the stuff out earlier and earlier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitten645
    Trust me they wouldn't put it out if it didn't sell. We have half the customers asking for it in July and the others griping it's too early. Stores wouldn't "waste" valuable selling space on stuff that isn't selling.
    25 years in retail. I know!
    That's very true. Supply and demand. If no one wanted it out early, it wouldn't be out. I personally think it's obnoxious, too, though.
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