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Thread: For Your Use- Letter to Landlords, etc - Making Room for Pets

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    For Your Use- Letter to Landlords, etc - Making Room for Pets

    Not that you have to do it this way, but here is what I did: I got email addresses for Condo and Landlord organizations, requesting that this be published in their newsletter. I also sent this to a pet-friendly real estate agent I know - $50 from every sale goes to Animal Rescue! Also, I sent it to my two local newspapers and the two big city ones. Be prepared to withdraw from one newspaper if it is in competition with the other one, and you are asked to do so.

    IMPORTANT - do NOT add really emotional stuff. This letter is going to professionals, and as such, needs to read that way. I added a "personal note" near the beginning, and that was it. These people need facts, not ranting and wailing. YES, the pet overload situation sucks. But pets will be helped MUCH more by a calm and factual approach. I'd say JMO, but I can't see how effective an emotional approach would be.

    LAST: Add your full name, address and contact info. If you don't want any of that published, or just some of it, request that. However, your full information will increase your chances of being published and heard. If published, start screening your calls!

    The first part is for the recipient only, not for publication.
    ************************************************** ***

    My name is ___________. While I have __#__ pets, I realize and appreciate that there are two sides to this in both condo and rental situations.

    While this letter may exceed the maximum length allowed in your publication, I request that you include as much of it as possible for your readership. For those who have had a bad experience and will "never" allow pets, I encourage them to have a look at this approach.

    Thank you.
    Street Address
    Town/City/Postal Code
    Phone Number (Please publish email only as a contact method, if you need to have that info available.)
    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************************************

    To Rental and Condominium Managers:

    The "boom" in Alberta is almost old news, yet its effects are still with us. One of the results is that the housing market is very tight for people, and more difficult still for people with pets.

    The word "pets" will naturally raise many hackles among housing professionals, and this is entirely understandable. Please review the following ideas for paid Pet Registration, a first draft by myself and a number of other pet owners. (Options follow this list).

    Most responsible pet owners would have little problem with putting their animals through a similar rigorous application process. While many places have "Pet Applications", I believe a paid application would produce better results, and even encourage self-policing among residents.

    On a personal note: I am tired of, and hurt by, the number of healthy and lovely pets who are euthanized because of overcrowding. I support both pets and the people who love them, and hope that this list will lead to further discussions and a solution.

    1. Pet Registration: This is required of every resident, new or existing, who wishes to have a pet in their unit. Because this will involve the filling out of forms and followup by housing staff or possibly hiring an extra person part-time - a non-refundable Application Fee and further Registration Fee will have to apply. Any pet damage deposit cost might then be waived or reduced. Other required documentation may include:

    a) Proof of vaccination and spay/neuter, and name of vet/shelter. This is to be in writing, and vaccinations updated annually.

    b) The appropriate staff member must "interview" the pet as well as the applicant.

    c) Three references from former landlords/neighbours/roommates.

    d) Call/email Animal Control/Humane Society with applicant's previous address as part of reference process.

    e) Two-three month probation, which applicants sign and agree to. If there are verifiable problems or complaints, resident is given 1 month to rehome the pet. Otherwise, animal is surrendered to Animal Control/Humane Society. Alternatively, the tenant might have the option to break the lease, and relocate.

    f) Pets must be licensed.

    g) Applicant's insurance to cover potential pet damage, freeing the management from any liability and cost.

    Please note the following as additional suggestions:

    1. No cardboard litter boxes. Insist on strong litter boxes and appropriate disposal of waste. Waste must be well wrapped, and not break open in a trash chute or other receptacle.

    2. Dogs - Consider a designated 'poop spot', where owners must clean up. Also, owners may say their dog is quiet, but a dog often barks when left alone. Verify where possible (again, neighbours, etc).

    4. Monthly or regular inspections, where legally possible.

    5. Have to provide annual update of pet vaccinations.

    6. If there is any damage or staining in common areas costs will be split among all registered pet owners.

    7. Point out to applicants the advantages of registration; it is a crucial safety measure in case of fire or other emergency. There is also 'stress' involved in 'hiding' a pet, and that is not necessary.
    8. Designate a certain number of suites per building as pet-friendly.
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    Sounds great!!

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    That's a great letter Catty. We are a little more lenient in some of the provinces re: dogs in apartments, but I know a few places that are quite strict about it.
    Fortunately, I don't rent, but I know many people who do and are having a hassle with this issue. I want to be sure to mail everyone this letter, it could simplify problems for so many others.

    I've been boo'd

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    Thanks, Mike. I was a bit intimidated about trying to email it to all landlords, etc - until I realized that many condo managers and landlords are members of one professional association or another. So I Googled those and used Yellow Pages, and cut the number of emails down QUITE a bit!

    Hmmm....forgot the Real Estate Board....ok, off I go!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    What a wonderful thing you've done, Candace! (ANOTHER wonderful thing.) Thank you.

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    Death thought about it.
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    Again, very nice job and congrats!

    Is it OK if i cross post this to other pet message boards?

    Let nature guide your actions and you will never have to worry if you did the right thing. ~ crow_noir

    The pet world excels where the human world is lacking; sterilization and adoption. ~ crow_noir

    Please, if your dog is arthritic look into getting it Elk Velvet Antler. Look up my posts on it, PM me, or look it up on a search engine; but please if you love your dog and want it to live many more years consider this option. I've seen so many posts on here about dogs needlessly suffering. I can't make a new post about EVA every time so this plea is going here. EVA also helps with other ailments such as anemia.

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    Cross-post away! (everyone can). I would like to keep the stipulation that it not be turned into an emotionally-filled message...but as long as people don't say I wrote it (actually, CN and Freedom and catmandu - and many other PTrs gave their input), I guess that is ok!

    Just the facts, folks, just the facts!

    Of course, any other good ideas can be added to it! My local paper wanted a I am not in the White Pages here! Glad I have voice mail and call display!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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