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Thread: anybody know the answer?

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    anybody know the answer?

    i might be getting a berneese mt. dog. does anyone know if they can be trained for search&rescue?

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    I think the trainability varies from dog to dog, there's no saying until you have the dog and try! Certainly they are related to Saint Bernards, the famous rescue-dogs of the Alps, so in general, I would guess yes!

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    You can train any dog for search and rescue or anything else you want. It just comes easier for some dogs because of the genetic makeup of the dog.

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    Yes you can. If this is what you plan on doing, get with the Search and Rescue agency nearest you, and ask them what they look for in a dog.

    There are some specific traits that they look for, that will tell them if the dog has what it takes, i.e. ball drive, patiences, stamina, and overall temperament.

    As a matter of fact, these dogs are very active in AK for search and rescue on the mountains, and there is an active breed club in Anchorage.

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