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Thread: WOOHOO! "Making Room for Pets" letter - thanks all! Link to letter #12

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    WOOHOO! "Making Room for Pets" letter - thanks all! Link to letter #12

    The Calgary Herald replied with this (it's the main paper, not the tabloid):

    Hi Candace,

    Thank you so much for submitting your letter. You have some excellent ideas for resolving the pet ownership crisis for apartment dwellers. However, your submission is too long for our letters pages, so we plan to publish it as a separate opinion piece some time next week. We can only do this, however, if you have not also submitted it to the Sun.

    Please let me know if you submitted this exclusively to the Herald, and then we can go ahead with plans for publication.
    Then she added:
    I heard last week that the Humane Society is just overflowing with cats dumped there by people whose landlords won't allow them. So your article is very timely! As soon as you hear from the Sun, please let me know. Your article will be published sometime next week, as we plan our pages several days in advance.
    I already wrote the Sun.

    THANKS, team!

    If you want to Google the condo and rental management companies in your state or province, and send letters to the papers, I will send you the one a few of us here put together. Just change your name and contact information!

    YAY! It's a start!
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