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Thread: Cat congestion

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    Cat congestion

    Does anyone know of any home remedies for my cat Cassie's sneezing/nasal congestion? We've been to two vets and she's had all sorts of respiratory meds, without much help. She's not sick, so it's likely allergies. But last night she was breathing through her mouth. She's 13 and healthy otherwise. I can't afford the $700 it will cost to diagnose tumors or polyps, let alone treatment. At her age and my budget, I have to do anything else possible. Thanks for your help.

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    Get out the Vicks and a vaporiser, if you have one. If you don't, set her in a small bathroom in a carrier and run the shower very hot, or use a kettle. Get some steam happening.

    You mentioned respiratory meds...does this include antihistamines? Many cats can benefit from a small amount of human Benadryl or etc, but check the dosage with your vet! (Someone here might know the correct dose!)

    Get an ionizing air filter. They help allergies in humans, and might help the air for Cassie.

    If you have a diffuser, use it with Tea Tree oil in it...great antiseptic in the air.

    I hope she is better soon!
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    In the past I've created a steam bath environment in the bathroom. I basically have both the shower and sink run hot water so it creates a warm steam. I lock the door and sit there with my cats for awhile. That has helped in the past.

    Have you tried any holistic things like Bachs or there is that other brand that comes in a blue tube...I forget the name but I know Whole Foods sells it.

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    cassiemarie - just in case, go to and see if you would qualify for any help. I don't know about testing - but they help with surgeries.

    I am NOT saying Cassie will need this - I am just saying have a look in case you need it one day, you will know it's there.
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    I feel really uneasy saying this because I don't want to discourage you from seeking veterinary help. But here goes.

    Chlorpheniramine maleate (a human allergy medicine available in generic form) is safe for cats. My cat takes 1 mg (1/4 pill) twice a day (ground up in a mortar/pestle, dissolved in water, and mashed up in his smelly canned food) for a skin allergy. I suppose it might help a respiratory problem too - it does in humans - but this is really a shot in the dark, as I'm not a vet or an MD. You'd be gambling. If you choose to use this, be warned that it can make a cat sleepy and their poops mushy. Make sure it's the ONLY ingredient in the medicine, as many human medicines either haven't been tested in cats or have been tested and found dangerous.

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    As someone who has had experience w/polyps in cats, your vet may be able to just plain look in your cat's ears and throat w/out having to go through the expensive tests. I can tell you that, if s/he does have a polyp, it can slowly strangle her if it grows down into the throat. I don't want to appear negative and I'm not laying a guilt trip on you, just telling you that your vet may be able to see if there is indeed a polyp w/out the tests. As for what else to do, I've not had experience w/treating congestion on my own, so I can't help you there. Good luck.

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    Cassie's sneezing

    Thank you everyone for your help. I will try the chlor-trimetron first, along with the steam in the bathroom. I have given her benadryl (liquid, pedi-dose) and judging by her reaction, she would much rather sneeze! So I was looking for another option that might not taste as bad.
    Again, thank you all.
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