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Thread: Ajax pictures and puppy updates

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    Ajax pictures and puppy updates

    Sorry that I am going so long between updates. I have been getting more tired as the days go by. So spending less and less time on the computer and more time resting between taking care of the kids and Ajax.

    First the updates.

    Dark Blue is doing great with his owner. His potty pen training is going great and he is learning to walk well on a leash. He is very friendly and confident. He meets new things and people with a lot of confidence. His owner says everyone he meets admires him and how well behaved he is. I will be updating his page with a ton of pictures later today. His owner updates me everyday with how he is doing and with pictures.

    Green is doing well and loving life. He has done great with meeting all the animals, including huge draft horses, and has shown no fear of any of them or of people or new objects or sounds. He is learning quickly and one of his best friends is a blind older cat whom he sleeps with and grooms. I will also be adding pictures to his page later today.

    Red is doing great with his family. He walks well on leash with the kids and is doing well with his training. He is sleeping well at night in his crate and is maturing beautifully.

    Rainbow has learned to sit on command and also to potty on command. He does well on leash and is great with everyone he meets. His owners update me regularly and I also have pictures for his page later today.

    Mellow is doing very well with the trainer. Though I don't get as many updates about him when I do talk to her on the phone she is non stop praising him. He is exactly what she was hoping for. Very confident in new suroundings, fine around other dogs and animals and focuses well for a puppy.

    Now for our Ajax. He is doing great. He has already learned to potty on command, sit on command, come when called(as long as he is not distracted on the way lol), and to fetch. He is also learning already to retrive specific objects for when he is older and training for Service work begins. Right now he is learning a very simple fun one which is retriving the remote. What we do is mix it in with retrieving a toy. So first we toss the toy and he goes and gets it and brings it back then we play with him with it then toss the remote. Then he does the same as the with the toy but when he brings it back we give him the toy as the reward instead of letting him play with the remote. He usually will bring it back 3 times out of every 5. Which is really good for a 9 week old puppy. Later in life this will progress to him bringing me the phone, meds, first aid kit and so on. For now it is just a fun game for him to play with a remote.

    Anyway on to the pictures. Just took them today. So here is Ajax stacked at 2 days shy of 10 weeks.

    And as you can see those ears are coming up. lol I found the trick to getting him to stack nice. Cheese worked well for the other pups when they were here but Ajax gobbles it and my fingers too quickly. So instead for him we use a frozen raw piece of deer meat. He knaws on that while I postition him and hubby takes the pics.
    Hope you enjoy.
    Nicole & Sheena & Ajax

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    I'm soo glad to hear they are all doing so well. And Ajax is too die for his face is just soo cute. I just want to love him up.

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    Glad to hear everyone's doing so well.
    Its amazing how much Ajax's puppy pictures remind me of Skylar when he was little.

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    Love the pictures and the updates. They are growing up way too fast, though. What wonderful lives they have ahead of them.

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    Oh my. Your hard work paid off, for sure! Congrats! I can't get enough information about and photos of your pupsters. Thanks for keeping us updated!!!!

    Surely hope you are relaxing and taking care of yourself as the #1 priority! Yes? Sounds like it.

    What is your due date, may I ask?

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    These updates are great! I am glad to see all the pups love their new homes and humans.

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    Thanks for the updates Nicole. Ajax is looking good!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Durnit, I'm at work and I can't see the pictures of the white fuzzballs!

    I guess I'll have to wait until I get home.
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    Thanks all. It is hard to believe Ajax is only 9 weeks old with how he is maturing and learning.

    My due date is October 8th so only 3 weeks away.
    Nicole & Sheena & Puppies

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    Gorgeous pup!
    The one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind wasn't king, he was stoned for seeing light.

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    Thanks for the updates on those precious babies, Ajax looks great.
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    Wow, look how much Ajax is growing! I still like those pink ears!
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    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

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    Thanks so much everyone.
    Nicole & Sheena & Ajax

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