Your proud person hit the nail on the head, Nugget! You're not only worthy of the title Pet of the Day, but Pet of a Lifetime; more importantly, best friend, soul mate for life! You are one magnificent looking Palamino, Nugget! I can't believe you are 25 years old! And your photo is breathtaking; you standing there amidst the lupines! What a spectacular setting for a noble creature such as yourself, and what a wonderful life it is, getting all of those hugs, grazing on the pasture amidst the sprinklers in the summer, rolling in the snow in winter, swimming at the lake, (swimming!) going on sunset rides. It all sounds so idyllic, so perfect, like a page out of a fairy tale I can't imagine a more enchanted life, and no horse is more deserving than you, Nugget! Enjoy wonderful day of celebration with your proud person and horse sister, Nugget. I wish for you all, many, many more happy, love filled years together! Hugs to you, beautiful Nugget!