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Thread: Microchip conclusion

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    Microchip conclusion

    So for those who were following along with the problems I had with the microchips for the pups I now have it all resolved.

    First CKC does not allow you to register a dog that has a microchip other then their own. That is correct. Hopefully they will update their main microchip page to say this or give links on that page to the other info for those that are not informed of this or don't know how to navagate their site.

    So anyway we ordered the correct chips from them. The great thing is we are actually saving money with them. It was costing us $132 to get the chips from this otehr place because you bought the chip and an applicator for each chip. So about 21-22 dollars each. Well with the CKC you buy just the chips at 13 dollars a piece and then just one applicator that is reusable. And that is only 8 dollars. So it is costing us just a little over $90 dollars. So we are saving roughly $40's.

    Now as for the place we got the first set of chips from, and this will show you why I got so upset. When hubby called them they said they had a feeling that we were getting them to register the litter with the CKC. YET they did not email or call us to question this even though they knew that CKC did not accept their chips. So if they had just had the info on their website or had called to confirm when then got the order and thought that was why we were getting them then all of this never would have happened. They had info that we did not have yet they never made us aware of it till all was said and done.

    Anyway. Regaurdless they told hubby to package up the microchips and send them back to them. As soon as they recieve them they will give us back the money for the chips. So all worked out in the end. So we are sending them on 3 day delivery so we can track them and know exactly when they get them so we will know when we should get our money back.

    So all worked out. But my advice to anyone that is looking to register their dog or litter with the CKC, even if you think you have all the info you need call them or email them to double check just in case. That way you do not have to go through what I did or end up having to tatoo your dog plus have a microchip if you found out after the fact like so many others have informed me they did.

    So that is the conclusion. Also CKC says the chips will be here in about a week so plenty of time before they are scheduled to be implanted. Just thought you would all like to know the results.
    Nicole & Sheena & Puppies

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    The Canadian Kennel Club have at least four sites that explain about the microchips so I don't see why they would have to update anything. Everyone I've talked to knew about this since the changes were made. There are also other areas in the kennel club where this is mentioned.

    Maybe the people you ordered from thought you wanted to register the pups with the Continental Kennel Club, since they were white shepherds.
    More than likely this is where the whole mix up originated.

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