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Thread: Anyone here who knows Akif Pirincci's Felidae-books?

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    Anyone here who knows Akif Pirincci's Felidae-books?

    He's a German of Turkish origin, but as his books have been translated into many languages, I guess they are also available in English.

    The Felidae books are crime stories, but from a cat's view.

    Anyway, the hero of this stories is the cat Francis. His curiosity made him a hobby-detective who has seen the dark sides of the human and the feline nature. Francis is cynical, and his observations of the human race are both entertaining - and embarrassing!

    I'm currently reading the 5th book of the series, "Salve Roma!",. Book Nr. 6 has just been published, but is not available as a paperback yet, so I will wait...

    Just in case you're interested, here are the first two books of the series:


    Felidae on the Road

    Wow, the second one seems to be rare to find as an English translation, just look the price on amazon market place!


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    Thank you, Kirsten. Seems to me I heard of those books a long time ago but never had a chance to read any of them, and then I forgot about them.

    Now that you've reminded me, I just ordered the first one from Amazon! (You weren't kidding about the prices for the second one in English on the Amazon Marketplace! If I like the first one, I hope the second is at the library, and maybe others in the series too..)



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    I'm currently re-reading the books (must be 6 or 7 books in total but I don't know if they have all been translated into English), and even though they are very graphic and describe a lot of cruelty done to animals, I enjoy them as I definitely share the cat Francis' misanthropic views. lol In that regard, I even enjoy the books more than ever!

    Anyway, it is strange that every time I've read books written from a cat's view, I find it difficult to read stories told from a human perspective afterwards. Maybe I've been a feline in one of my former lives!

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    I'll definitely check if the library have any of them. Thanks, Kirsten!

    Yeah! I've just ordered three of them from the library.

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