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    Yogi......Boy you sure are pretty. You have a beautiful coat. Congratulations on DOTD. Hope your mom makes your special day special.
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    Hello, from down the road, in Horseheads!

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    Hello, Yogi Bear! You have a lot of energy and spirit! I like your pretty, fluffy coat. Please have a wonderful day as our Dog of the Day, I hope you'll have a big celebration!
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    Hi there Yogi Oh, you are such a precious pupper-ooo! And that coat!!! Wow, hair to die for! I'm not surprised to hear you're such a hit with the neighborhood kids sweetheart; what a spunky, life loving little man you are! And I'll bet you give them a run for the money too in the enthusiasm department! Just make sure you only leave the yard surpervised, with your Mom or the kids; no solo adventures now and stay safe!

    Congratulations and thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to paw off a note to us, Yogi You added a big smile to my day! I hope you're enjoying an extra happy, fun filled Dog of the Day with your proud Mom, all of the neighborhood kids and adoring friends and fans Hugs and kisses to you, precious boy...and hopefully a few extra treats, too!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Hello Yogi,

    You are a very handsome fella Yogi. I am so glad your little guardian angels
    were right there to rescue you from harm.Please don't ever do that again
    sweetheart. Big congratulations on being our special DOG OF THE DAY.
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    Yogi Bear, you have such a beautiful coat, and you look so regal in your picture--I can tell your parents take very good care of you, just as they should You are very lucky to have friends in your neighborhood who look out for you, but I bet you learned a very good lesson and will not be running off again, even if you could escape--you are certainly too smart for that! Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    Hi Yogi! You are a handsome boy. I'm glad nothing happened to you when you broke free from the stake in the ground. You must have given your human a terrible scare. I'm glad that is all in the past and you have a great day to celebrate now...your special DOTD! Congrats to you and enjoy the good life!

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    Hi Yogi!!

    We can't let the night go by without telling you congratulations for winning the honors of our fabulous DOTD!! You are a cutie patootie little guy. we love Pomeranians and you are one fine looking little fellow that represents your breed really well!! We hope you're having a very happy day and we wish you all happiness always!!! Please tell the family to give you some kisses from us!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Dark Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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