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Thread: How much do Min Pin pups go for?

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    I'm glad to see support for not breeding just because you can. I cry every time I walk into a shelter and see all those animals that need homes.

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    This forum is very big on supporting rescues.

    horse_lover, while we know this isn't your fault or your idea, the reaction you got was because there are many on this board who wind up dealing with poorly bred animals who wind up in shelters after the newness of having a puppy wears off.
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    Okay then..Umm..Wow is all I have to say.

    I don't know much about breedings dogs but I know the difference from a BYB from a reputable breeder.

    *sigh* You still defend your sister, cousin whatever she is to you; after you've heard and seen all the min pins up for adoption. Have fun breeding your dog and getting like $5 in profit while 10 other min pins die in the shelter *end sarcasm*

    Seriously though, if you were a reputable breeder and did all the tests like you are supposed to do (I don't even know, but some other PTers have listed them) then I'm sure you won't get any profit at all! Whatever, doubt you're going to listen to me or any of us.

    I guess you won't get it through your thick skull that no matter what you think, your sister(or cousin) is a BYB. Sorry if I'm rude, but it's the truth!
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    This is the number of Mini pin dogs in my area in shelters ALONE.


    Yeah, that's alot just for 1 dog breed.

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    Guys, enough with the troll comments.

    I've had PM conversations with the OP before, and she is young, but NOT a troll.

    Can it.
    The one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind wasn't king, he was stoned for seeing light.

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    Alright, LH, I understand. Post edited. Sorry for anyone offended, I mistakenly thought this thread was a trolling attempt.

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    I get your point now. I guess i never really understood anything and how the animals are dying in shelters. I've actually never been to a shelter or a humane society or anything. My cousin isn't breeding him. I guess her friend or neighbor or someone wanted to know. Just thought i'd let everyone know that. I talked to her and she said she doesn't want to breed him. she never did. I was the one who had it wrong.
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