When I had the 2 foster bichons last week, I received some info from another foster volunteer and thought I'd pass it along.

Buddy had sores on his front legs. He chews and nibbles them raw. The prior owner would put Bacitracin on and wrap in ACE bandages. Here is the info another person passed along:

I have a suggestion for the Chubby Guy who chews on his front legs. I have a diabetic pup, who goes through bouts of chewing on her legs until they are raw. Usually, Neosporin works, I put gauze around the legs and put Bandguard on the guaze so she won't try to chew on the bandage. That didn't work this time. So I went another route. I started putting canned Salmon, packing water and all, on her food at meal time, and her legs are clearing up and she has stopped chewing, I think its the Omega 3 in the Salmon that works on the skin and skin problems. the Bactine would aggravate the problem, because it dries the skin. I'm not trying to butt in, I just experienced this problem recently.

Just thought i would post this in case it can help someone.