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Thread: There are too many Tigers in this world

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    There are too many Tigers in this world

    How cruel and unthinking can people be?

    Reading about Tiger (today's Cat of the Day) reminded me of 2 of my sister's cats, Kismet and Kasey.

    Kismet was full grown. One day my sister and her husband were out driving when they found two cardboard pet carrier boxes along the roadside. My sister stopped and my brother-in-law looked in the boxes. One was empty, the animal had gotten out and run off. In the corner of the other was a beautiful orange cat, too afraid to escape. My sister named him Kismet, which means Fate. It was his fate to be found by my sister. From the way that he loved our mother and could hardly wait for her to sit down so that he could sit on her lap, we figured that he had been owned by an older woman and then dumped when she died.

    Kasey was a kitten. One day when my sister was driving in that same area, she saw a hawk circling around something. She stopped and looked around and found Kasey, a kitten too young to be able to find food for himself after having been dumped. He became devoted to my sister.
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