Seeing Reese made me think of 2 of my sister's cats - Sparkle and Darby. My sister saved one of her backyard feral cats when Sparkle had a litter of kittens. She is such a small cat. After delivering 3 kittens, my sister was able to pack her up and take her to the vet when she realized that Sparkle was having trouble delivering the 4th kitten, it was too big. The vet saved Sparkle, but the 4th kitten didn't make it and one of the other kittens also died. Of the 2 kittens there is only one left, Darby. Sparkle and Darby are strict indoor cats now. Sparkle is the smallest cat in the household and Darby is the largest. Darby is now 3 years old and it's funny to watch this great big cat go around looking for his mother. He's never cut the apron springs. And you should see Sparkle try to find places to go to get away from her son. By the way, some feral cat, Sparkle LOVES getting her pets and scratches. She likes the attention, just don't pick her up to hold her. Sometimes I have to find ways to get away from her.