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    Hello Everyone!

    I just joined today. I'm from little Rhode Island. My pony Juliet was the pet of the day on July 20th. She is 11 years old and is a Welsh/Thoroughbred. I love her very much! I've been riding for 7 years and I wouldn't want to do anything else!


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    Welcome to Pet Talk! My name is Kay and I'm owned by four dogs.

    Juliet is a very pretty horse.

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    Thank you!

    I also forgot to mention that I have many other pets! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats:

    Stella- An American Bulldog who is 6 years old.
    Chloe- A dachsund who is 9 years old.
    Kizzy- My uncle found at the fire station when she was a kitten who is black and long-haired so I don't know what breed she is, but she is around 15 or 16 years old.
    Morgan- Russian Blue I think? Who is 8 years old.
    And Blue- Black and white long-haired cat who is 3 years old.


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