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Thread: Rescued a Cat -pic-

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    Rescued a Cat -pic-

    Friday night, I was driving down the highway when I saw this baby kitten on the side of the road. I turned around to get her. Right when I got out of my car and I said kitty kitty, she was running to me. It was obvious that she was starving for food. I could see her alot of her bones.

    I took her home. Then went to Petsmart to get cat food and a few toys. I brought her home and fed her really good Friday & Saturday. We gave her to a family member of mine who is going to get her "fixed" and keep her as a pet.

    I am really glad that I got to help this sweet kitty and give her to a good home. The good thing is that I will get to see her occassionally. She was the sweetest kitty. She loved playing with the toys I got her. I wanted to keep her with so bad, but with my 5 dogs & bird. It just isn't possible to have a cat around here. It made my dogs really nervous and she kept trying to climb the shelf to get to my bird.

    I am really glad I could save this pure innocent creature.

    Here is a picture of her on my couch.
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    Bless you Tia and thank you for rescuing this precious kitty. You truely were her Guardian Angel that day. I can imagine how many people saw her, but just kept on going.

    I'm glad that you were able to find a home for her so fast and especially that you will be able to see her occasionally, because then you can let us know how she is doing.

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    Rescued a cat

    Thank you and bless you for saving this little sweetheart!! That sure is one beautiful baby and how wonderful to know that baby is going to a loving, caring furever home. If it's possible we'd love to get some updates on kitty's progress.....

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    Bless you for rescuing this little sweetie pie! And thank you for thinking of her needs first (giving her to a relative because of your dogs and bird). Rescuing sometimes means more than just saving them or giving them food, water, vet care, etc. It sometimes can mean that we have to give them up to a place where they'll be safe and, therefore, happier in the long run. And that's what you did. I just love a happy ending!

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    Great job, Tia! She is adorable! I hope she checks out to be healthy at the vet! Keep us update on her!

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    Looks like you were in the right place at the right time! God Bless you.

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    thanks everyone. I just did what anyone else on here would do. I would do it again today if I had to.

    yes, I will try to get pictures, but I don't go to their house often.. so thats why I said occassionally.

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    Tia, Thank you for rescuing this sweet little cat. She sure is adorable. I'm also very glad to hear that she has a new loving forever home too. Please let us know how she's doing in the future.
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    I hope you got her checked for a microchip and tried to find out if someone was missing her first before giving her away.
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    Such a sweet little face; but with shades of an imp in there too! Oh boy, I think she is going to be an active little kitty, he he.

    Let us know when you hear her name and any other news. Thank you for helping her!

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    She is so cute!

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    What a sweet thing to do, Tia!!! This little little cat knew where to wait for a savior: on your path! Thank you so much for saving this sweety!!

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