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Thread: Enlglish Mastiff Rott mix

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    Enlglish Mastiff Rott mix

    A friend is offering a English Mastiff Rott mix to me after the litter is born. I know nothing about the breed as a mix. If anyone out there has one I would love to talk to you and get some info about them. I already have a Newfie who is approx 6 (human) years old. I will NOT give him up as he is part of the family but would like to introduce a new member to our clan and maybe the new puppy will help him be less of a couch potatoe. I guess I need to know their temperment, how big they can get, how long do they live, can they stand being home alone, will they travel well. Things of this nature. Thank you in advance for all your help and I look forward to talking to you.

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    Zeke is part Rott.. most of his characteristics fall under Cattle Dog though.. So its hard for me to say much.. other than he is definitely a more laid back kind of dog. And he's a drooler.. lol. Im not much help, I know.

    Id say this -possible- puppy of yours should be pretty cute...
    (Fingers crossed that this wasnt an intentional crossbreeding...)

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    first of all welcome to pet talk!

    was this an accidental litter? anyways..

    I have no expierience with english mastiffs. I think Anna (anna_66) has an english mastiff. you probably can PM her with more information about mastiffs.

    but I do have expierience with rottweilers. they can be very stubborn but they are very loyal to their people. I have a rottweiler/golden/lab mix who is my soul dog. we've had her ever since she was 2 months. She is 9 now. She is stubborn, sweet, very loyal, protective but not in a bad way. I have heard mastiffs are very protective of their people and home.

    I am sure the dog will be way bigger than you may be expecting and hopefully the dogs not saying they will have a bad temperment but you need to socialize, socialize, socialize them with people and dogs. enrolling in obdience school helps, too. I have 4 wonderful dogs and 2 wonderful cats and they all are not just pets, they are a part of the family and I know your newfie is and this dog will be too. I hope they get along.

    do you know how the mom and dad's temperment are at all? you need to ask your friend that. having a good temperment is very, very important. hopefully these pups will have good temperments.

    I am just saying it's important because sometimes it's in the genes but some dogs have "loose" wires and are not all there. but that is no fault of their own. my aunt's chihuahua is a little brat, he is not a very nice dog because his dad had a bad temperment. all in all it just depends on the dog, really.

    I just hope she has the mom fixed after the pups are weaned and they all find good homes and I know that one of them will end up in a good home with you.

    here's a link for info on english mastiffs :

    and for rottweilers :

    good luck and I hope my post made sense! and sorry I wrote a book.
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    my vet has this cross

    Since you have a Newfie, I'm just going to GUESS that you are probably well aware of the needs of large breed dogs and already know that this cross is gonna be a big one!

    My vet has this cross. It's a wonderful dog. It's also very beautiful and well proportioned. His head is huge! It's not as large as you might expect, though I'm sure some other crosses of Rotts/English Mastiffs are much larger. His dog is a 140 lbs male--about as tall as a large Rottie, and very compact. His dog is very nicely tempered, having inherited both breed's better angels. Obviously you can't necessarily assume that all crosses of these breeds will be as docile, since both Mastiffs and Rotts were bred for protection. You probably know that!

    He frequently brings his dog to the clinic, where the dog likes to lounge and seek affection from clients. I must say, I'm crazy about this dog! I just marvel at what a beautiful, gentle monster he is.

    My vet also has a female Bullmastiff. He says both dogs get along well. He's a vet though, and very anal about training--but he's an example I know of where two powerful dogs live in peace with each other. Then again, your dog might turn out to be completely nuts. LOL!

    I hope this helps you a little.
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    Being a mix, no one can realy tell you how this dog will turn out. But both breeds are gerat dogs. Rottis and mastiffs are both headstrong, but very loyal dogs. They are very family orientated breeds. Good luck on your new puppy.

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    Until last September I had a Rottie/Mastiff/GSD mix. Sam was the finest dog I have ever had and I have had some lovely ones in my life! He was enormous at 160lbs ( all muscle!) but had a heart to match his great size. He was sweet and gentle with my grandsons ( though never left alone with the babies as sheer size would have made that dangerous of course!) He loved to play though not too energetically and was a kind loving and lovable member of our family. We had two dogs at that time , the other being a slightly older retriever/collie cross who was very hyper and excitable . Sam tolerated all the dopiness of Chaos with good humour. Obedience classes and socialisation are a must for all my dogs but Sam was a willing and fast learner.

    All in all Sam was a wonderful dog and my heart is still well and truly bent out of shape from his loss.. I am looking forward to meeting him again at the RB!
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