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Thread: Prayers needed for Noba...Broken Tail????

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    Prayers needed for Noba...Broken Tail????

    Hi all,

    So my Noba may have broken his tail... I will get the final word tomorrow at his vet appointment. The ridiculous part is that we have no idea how or when he did it. We went to the Drive-in movies last night and the dogs were outside in the backyard. When we got home, they went straight upstairs with us to bed. He was fine, tail wagging and no problems. This morning, I got up at 7 am to take the dogs out to potty, no problems. We all went back to bed until abotu 9 am. When I was letting the dogs out of the bedroom, I noticed that he was holding his tail down (like he does when he is in trouble). I really didn't think anything of it as he was still waking up. He went out and went potty. When he came back in, he started biting on his tail ferociously. I freaked out at first, thinking it was fleas. But when I went to look at it, I lifted it up and he screamed bloody murder. He has been unable to lift his tail since then. He can wag it slightly while it is hanging down and that's about it. The pain is about three or four inches away from the base of his spine... so I'm confused at to what is wrong with it... He goes tot he vet tomorrow afternoon... please keep him in your prayers.

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    Awww....poor Noba, hope it is nothing serious, and he will be back to tail wagging in no time!

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    wow thats really scary. Maybe the tail was caught in a door or something? who knows. I hope all turns out well.

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    Poor Noba. I hope all is well and an easy fix.
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    This got posted in the "health" section too, and Wolf Q sent mea few links to sites that talked about "cold water tail". I did give Noba a bath outside with the hose yesterday because it was such a beautiful day. Usually I use the bathtub, so the water is warmer. Yesterday's bath was nothing but cold water... so hmm.... makes me think!

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    Poor Noba!

    I hope it's just water tail and that he'll be back to feeling normal soon.

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    Poor fella. I hope the vet can help him. I'm going to check the other
    thread now.
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