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Thread: Eye lazer surgery.

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    Eye lazer surgery.

    Anyone have this done?

    Im going with my boyfriend on Thursday and hes having it done and I was wondering what the after effects were?

    Will he be able to see straight away?

    We have got no choice but to go by public transport and Im not too good at that

    Hes so nervous about having it done but hes wanted this for soo long so Im really glad hes finally be OK'ed for the treatment.

    Any info will be appreciated!

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    I'd love to. Not everyone qualifies...but there are laser eye clinics here that will give a person a 2 hour free exam and quote. I just might go for that...and then start buying lottery tickets!

    I hope everything goes well for your BF. I think the vision changes right away, but he might have to put in special eyedrops for a week.
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    I hear rave comments from folks I know who have had it done. One person was unhappy; he still had to use reading glasses afterwards, and felt if he had understood that he still needed glasses he never would have bothered with it. I fall into that class, so I really don't see any point in it for me.

    I think the vision is much better immediately, and improves somewhat over the next week as healing occurs.

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    It was one of the best things I've ever done. Very, very scary but not at all painful. I'd do it again in a heartbeat even though it was scary

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    I don't know if the procedure is the same in the UK as it was for me, but I could see right away. It was not painful at all. They made me take a valium tablet beforehand. I don't really think I needed it. It took just a few minutes and my doctor explained things step-by-step so I knew what to expect.

    I was mostly concerned that I would blink at just the wrong time and mess something up. But, they put a little device on my eye that held me steady and I didn't feel the urge to blink at all.

    I was shocked how quickly it was over and how perfectly I could see.

    I could always see well up close, but my distance was very poor. After the procedure (2002) I did not have to wear glasses for driving over about 2 years. But, now I do. Even though I can still see well, things are not as sharp as they used to be. But it is still a vast improvement over my eyesight before surgery.

    Edited to add -- Make sure to follow all the after care instructions! My doctor required a checkup the morning after surgery. I had no problems but I heard the doctor and nurses with another patient who had developed an infection. Turns out he did not follow any of the instructions -- drops, wear eye protection, etc. So, follow them precisely to get the maximum benefit.
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    Both hubby and I had it done about 5 years ago, in Montreal Canada. It was the greatest thing we have ever done! Too bad it dosent do much to help me now, but tis Life! But I highly reccomend it to anyone!!!

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    My parents had it done a few years back and loved the results.

    I did not qualify for the blade lasik (cornea's are too thin) but I'm going to schedule an appointment to see if I qualify for the blade free lasik.
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    I work for an eye doctor. Is your boyfriend over 21? We will not do it for anyone younger then 21 because the prescription is still changing rapidly till about 20 or 21. It is a very fast and easy procedure. He will be in and out in 15 minutes most likely. It is very important to follow ALL directions the Dr gives you. Wear the eye patch, DON'T RUB, use plenty of drops and keep the follow up appointment the next day and whenever they are scheduled. His eyesight will be better within minutes. Most people love it. Those that need reading glasses are often over 40 or close to 40 something, most people over 40 need reading glassed anyway. Good luck. I am sure he will love it. Do make sure that he is going to a good place and has an expericenced Dr doing it.

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    That reminds me - my optometrist said at my age (48 then), I could either have my eyes corrected normally with laser, like my glasses would - but since I wear bifocals, I would have to fix the far vision, and wear glasses for close up.

    OR I could have 'monovision' - where one eye is corrected for near, the other for far, and they balance out.

    He suggested I try this with contact lenses first.

    I rarely wear the contacts now - but found that monovision was ok.

    Marigold - I think prescriptions start to change again in middle age, is that right?
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    I'd love to do have this done, but there is no way I could do it. I would not be able to lay there, painful or painfree, with something my eye open. I would have a massive panic attack.

    I get one just THINKING about it.

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    It's ok, BC_Mom....we'll give you the GOOD drugs!

    JK hugs!
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    Yes Catty, eyes start to change for everyone around 40 perhaps a bit older as we start to need reading glasses. Most people who are near sighted see their eyes level out at about 21 as there bodies stop growing so much and changing so do the eyes. There are different lasers for farsighted and nearsighted. You can have both done but the cost is high. Those people that have the laser done in their 20's will still need reading glasses sometime in their 40's.

    I have glaucoma and have had laser surgery on my eyes twice so far. Not fun but better then going blind. And yes you are right the drugs are good.

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    Thanks everyone,

    Marigold - Hes over 21 and hes been told hes definatly having it done on thursday, Hes going with Ultralaze in London which has a very good reputation and hes spoken to people from there who have had it done and no one has a bad word to say about the place, My boyfriend is one of those people that have to have the best of everything so he wouldnt settle for anyone else! Not blaming him really, eyesight is very important.

    Hes a bit worried about him moving his eye accidently when the lazer is on, Hes getting quite nervous but hes having a chat with the doctor before the surgery and I will be there too so I will also know what to do.

    Is there any chance his eye could move and mess it up? I was told he get eye drops to stop the eye from moving?

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    By kuhio 98

    But, they put a little device on my eye that held me steady and I didn't feel the urge to blink at all.
    Hope that helps.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Sorry, thanks I must of missed that bit!

    I think its just last minute nerves for him really.

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