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Thread: We went camping! Way too many pics sorry!

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    We went camping! Way too many pics sorry!

    The dogs had a blast and when I got home I realized I have millions of pictures of the dogs and not many of anything else LOL. Here they are, there are a TON so I'll try to narrow it =x

    Camp in Fishlake National Park.

    Thanks Jess for the great sig of my kids!

    I love you baby, passed away 03/04/2008

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    Follow the leader....

    I'm comin mom!

    Thanks Jess for the great sig of my kids!

    I love you baby, passed away 03/04/2008

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    Thanks Jess for the great sig of my kids!

    I love you baby, passed away 03/04/2008

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    Okay last ones=x I really did try to narrow them down! But at least they aren't huge this time!

    Thanks Jess for the great sig of my kids!

    I love you baby, passed away 03/04/2008

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    Isn't camping a blast when there are dogs included? It looks like your three had a great time and in such a beautiful area.

    My favorite has to be the "boing" one with Soda's ears up in the air!

    And there is no such thing as too many pictures
    Thank you Amy!

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    You got some great shots. Looks like you all (especially the pups) had a nice time.

    OH MY GOODNESS has Soda gotten big or what?!

    Thanks for FINALLY sharing the pictures.

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    Great pictures!! I haven't been to Fishlake in years, honestly I didn't remember what it looked like...I'll have to go there again after seeing these, very pretty! I love the last one of Cracker and Soda!

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    That looks like a great place to camp. I'll bet all of you had a great time. I can't believe how big Soda is getting, they grow up way to fast.
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    Be still my beating heart...I just LOVE boxers but maybe I am just a little partial. They sure look like they had a blast. I keep telling my hubby we need to take ours camping.

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    how cuuuuuuute !!!

    You got some really good pictures of they pups !!! They look like they are having so much and smelling all those wonderful smells !!

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    Great pictures!! I can't believe how big Soda has gotten. I almost got Soda and Cracker mixed up!
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    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    I think camping wtih the dogs sounds like a ton of fun. I can understand why almost all of the pictures were of the pups. Soda looks like she just adores her big brother.

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    Great pictures! It's so nice to see your three again. Soda's gotten so big, but is still so adorable. Cracker and Ginger are looking as good as ever too. You got some really nice pictures.

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    You can never have too many pics of too cute doggies, silly .

    They're all so adorable, looks like you had fun!
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    too many pics?! Yeah right! your pups are gorgeous and it looks like they all had a blast on their adventure. thanks for sharing!
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