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Thread: -sigh- I'm back!

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    A bit of encouragement for you, Abigail, it takes guts to admit when you're wrong and learn from your mistakes.

    I, too, had the 'pushed ahead in school syndrome' but it wasn't for an IQ thing...just my age/friends thing since my birthday was borderline for 1st grade. Later they pushed me into enriched classes because of my IQ...when it was too late for me to really benefit from them.

    It is not easy to be 'ahead of where your age-appropriate friends are' as I well know. I know I always felt out of place and would've been happier with my own age group than I ever was with the older folks. I missed out on a lot of social activities because I either wasn't ready for them or there was no one to go with. It's really easy to get taken advantage of as a younger than the rest person in a group so beware. It's one thing to be an intellectual equal and quite another thing to be a social and size equal. To a certain extent your intelligence can make up for things but realize there are limits and strive to maintain some age-appropriate friendships...just because they're fun and a part of who you still are, despite your IQ.

    Wishing you all the best! Hope we can see your critter pictures on here.


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